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Default Re: Gordon in Ivins, Utah

Originally Posted by sunshine View Post
What a great beginning to a new tour segment. The setting, the sound, the song choices, the band all excellent. And one other thing that made it a fabulous evening . . . the energy. Gordon's voice, personality and demeanor were in superb form, from his appreciation of the natural beauty of the venue, which was breathtaking, to his dedication of Beautiful for fun to a 31-year old birthday girl in the audience. His reference to Terry, as always, evokes the poignant loss, for them as well as for us; yet his resilience is evident and a marvel in how he has fashioned a cohesive band, an enhanced sound, and a stated respect for Carter while being true to the memory of Terry. Carter is singing now, maybe he was before but I never noticed, and it all flows, seemingly effortlessly, but I am sure the effort involved is significant. On to Las Vegas tonight. The Tuacahn Amphitheater is not to be missed if you ever get the opportunity to go there.

Sunshine your review was right one. See you tonight.

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