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Default Re: Gordon in Ithaca

I was there as well, and while I didn't have that much trouble hearing him, the lady in front of me did as did the gentleman beside me. Both were disappointed with his voice at first, expecting the Gord of yesteryear, but I think both of them grew to appreciate him as the evening went on. I thought the second set was stronger than the first
At this point in the tour, I half expected him to be far more tired, and congested. I thougth his voice was strong, getting stronger in the second half. I do agree though, it could have been a bit louder. I was halfway back on the floor, can't imagine what it was like in the back or balcony.
I thought the barbershop quartet improv was fun, he seemed to enjoy that memory.
Set list from Ithaca:
Sweet Gunivere
Cotton Jenney
14 Karat Gold
Never Too Close
In My Fashion
A Painter Passing Through
Rainy Day People - Carter sounded great on this one!
Carefree Highway
Hangdog Hotel Room
Ribbon of Darkness - no one called out, and Gord just said "no one?" and launched into
The Watchman's Gone
Alberta Bound - Mike and Carter were great on this, perfectly in sync and strong


Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Ringneck loon
Don Quixote
Clouds of Lonliness - Carter was great on this one too!
Let it Ride
Fine as Fine Can Be
If You Could Read my Mind
Baby Step Back
Early Morning Rain
Song for a Winters' Night

Blackberry Wine
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