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Default Gordon in Phoenix/Chandler on 3/4/2016


Finally! Gord is returning to AZ next year!

He'll be performing in Chandler, AZ @ the Wild-Horse Pass Casino.

Chandler is a suburb located about a 45 minute drive from
where I live. (Basically a trip to the far South by Southeast.

Well whatever it takes, I'm going to be
there this time and finally add concert #5.

I missed him last year on February 4th and 2 other Phoenix shows in 2008 & 2009 . (Then again, I saw him twice in a 24 hour period on Oct. 18th & 19th , 2008 in L.A. & San Diego.

the next day he will go up to Flagstaff & be at Ardrey Memorial Hall.

Hope to see some of you's been too long.
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