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Default Re: John Kennedy and Gordon Lightfoot

I suggest viewing the movie "Parkland" if you want a pretty accurate portrayal of what happed that day from the POV of the doctors and nurses at the hospital. You have to be in the mood to watch it, but it's quite good. Especially unnerving is the well documented moment when the Dallas coroner insisted the President's body be autopsied at the hospital according to Texas law. He, of course was overruled by the Secret Service. The scene where they had to break off parts of the casket they commandeered from a local funeral home in order to get it on Air Force One is really heartbreaking. I heard on the radio a man from the US who was in a restaurant with his wife and kids in Paris when the news broke. Other patrons of the restaurant insisted on paying the bill, when they realized the family was from the US. I doubt that would happen today, for Obama or any other US president.

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