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Not one of the tracks fades out! Thank you, Lord! (And thank you, Gord.)

Some impressions after a few listens:

HARMONY has the prettiest melody on the album, and a nifty synth/accordion too!

RIVER, with its unexpectedly ominous lyrics, is an unexpectedly great track (the pre-release samples did it little justice).

Love FLYIN's very cool shaker and very cool synth/organ--played by Lightfoot!

HOTEL could be a big huge giant smash hit--if I fixed up the lyrics, took the band into the studio, and let Terry fly loose on guitar.

Though not a humorous song, COUCHICHING makes me grin, especially the last "coooouchiching" of each chorus; sounds like Gord had fun recording it.

SOMETIMES...what a downer of an ending! Sheesh! Track 12 should have been a remake of ALWAYS ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!

All in all, Harmony is a wonderful work with fantastic and generally understated production that makes the most of Lightfoot's vocals. The bountiful praise at this site is accurate and well-deserved.

Can't wait for Gord's next release.

And I will always love
that sound until the day
I die.
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