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Default Re: off to The Church of pew awaits

Hi friends.
Ditto what Char just said here.
The voice was amazing.
Despite the fact that Gord is on the last leg of a fairly lengthy tour his voice was was hitting on all cylinders. Just "singing like a thrush so he was."

It was wonderful seeing all our friends again and connecting right there in the "House of Gord."
A big highlight for me was getting to see Ed Mullen again. He is the friend who connected and guided me along in the early days when I was beginning to use a computer.
Ed told me he will be joining us, together with Melissa, Kenyon, Rex "the Rez" and several others yet to be confirmed at the pub jam on Friday afternoon at "McVeigh's" for a few tunes. The fun is just beginning.
Spoke with John Laroque, Gord's luthier (also now mine) who was in attendence, and Char introduced me to "Todd," the gentleman who was instrumental in bringing to us the BBC videos when Red Shea was in the band.
This really what the Massey concerts are all about. Just being there, Gord on stage with his band, and lots of friends and fans in the audience.
Talk about a family reunion!

And of course, for the very first time, seeing and hearing Gord's new lead guitar player, Carter Lancaster was a focusing point.
He came through pretty well and from my personal observation, he seemed quite perky on Gord's "jazzy tunes." Sort of like they were "his type of tune."
It's all coming together quite well though.
No doubt, there would have to be an element of nervousness walking out there on the Massey Hall stage for the first time with the Gordon Lightfoot band.
Even Gord himself has spoken about how important those shows are to him and the band so they all would feel the sentiment.
We'll have more coming as the week moves along and thanks for all who sent along good wishes to us attending the concerts.

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