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Originally Posted by alex View Post response to a query from the Terry Clement Guitar thread:

Dear JohninCT.,

I am aware of only a partial lineage of Edward McGlincy's Instruments.
If you will imagine a tree, one branch starts at an initial owner. The start of the branch of which I am most aware: Bob Dylan bought one, he showed his to Gordon Lighfoot, he ordered one, who showed his to Terry Clements, who ordered one, who showed his to me. I placed my order a few days later, after I had played Terry's, and after he had given me an introduction to Ed. This is where this particular "branch" ends. The second branch, begins with Johnny Cash. I do not know if this branch continued, in a similar way to the Dylan-Lightfoot-Clements-yours truly, chain. I am given to believe there are four more McGlincys in other hands. I have been trying to determine the dispoition of Johnny Cash's McGlincy. I am pursuing the matter and I may learn of its' status, one day.

As a serious collectors of stringed instruments, I have come to learn an owner is merely a custodian. We, as custodians, do our utmost to protect beautiful instruments and we can only hope they will find their way into worthy hands, upon our eventual demise. (We trust the next custodian will give the instrument, the respect it deserves, commensurate with its quality.)

I have been continually trading, buying and selling guitars, since the late 1960's. My first ax was a Martin D12-35. I learned to play on it. It was a terrible instrument to hear and an ogre, to play, let alone learn chords on. In my young mind, it was a Martin, until I had gained a little wisdom. Three years later, I had saved enough to buy a Gibson 12-string...This soon eveolved into a series of acquisitions (both "B's" and "J's", in various saddle configuartions. I still retain one: most playable, indeed.). I will continue to trade, buy and sell. This McGlincy is included in the practise. One day, I will probably part with it, given it is becoming more difficult for me to play, with the advancing years.

I am always receptive to serious offers.

After all this waxing philisophical: I do not know if any of the original owners have sold theirs.


Quite interesting, thanks Alex for the reply.
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