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Default Re: So...What Do You Do To Cheer Yourself Up?

Jeez, Char...Can I hire you to be my personal organizer? You are one motivated
Did someone say chocolate? Yes, I admit that if I have the blues, I sometimes munch on M&Ms when I am walking on the treadmill. It's sad.
Well, birthdays in Jan. and Feb. will keep the party going We have tons of birthdays in Dec. I feel kind of sorry for those people. It seems like they always get cheated and whatever birthday gift they manage to's always wrapped in Christmas paper. I don't do that to them, but lots of other family members do.

Football, RM? I am shocked! I thought you would be working out and getting ready to brave the icy rivers with the Polar Bear Club....shoot, I am disappointed
I am also sad. Tony Dungy is leaving the Colts. I will miss him. Great guy.

Pam, I love those They are hilarious and I could watch his act for hours and never get bored. Brilliant stuff
"Tiime has been wastin' away...You know time doesn't wait for nobody to find what they're after
It just keeps on rolling down the deep canyons
And through the green meadows
into the broad ocean..."

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