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Default So...What Do You Do To Cheer Yourself Up?

Okay, the holiday season is over. All the relatives have gone back to is over and done with.
Does anyone else get the blues when it's all over? It's such a let down when life goes back to the normal routine.

What do you do to keep life interesting and fun during the rest of the cold, dark months of winter?

Me? Well, I clean closets but that isn't exactly fun. I read a lot and I shop at the after Christmas sales...that's always fun.

I have more time to work on hobbies that I enjoy or to work out and honor my new year's resolution.

Okay, I get I get the blah's. On bad days, I sit around and pull the kitties whiskers and make them yowl just for the fun of it.

Anybody else get this way in the bleak mid-winter
"Tiime has been wastin' away...You know time doesn't wait for nobody to find what they're after
It just keeps on rolling down the deep canyons
And through the green meadows
into the broad ocean..."

G. Lightfoot "Tattoo"
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