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Default Re: tribute in York Region

john lemme is a nice guy...they will probably just go unplugged so john stinson could pull out a few off hit set list that don't call for the backing tracks...Tag Along, etc...the bill may already be full but i sent a heads up a few days back

well, at they won't have to compete against HNIC on the tv (it's in a church)

lemme hooked up with wendell ferguson and katherine wheatley to help raise fund to put instruments into the hands of native youth (ie. steer them on course or at least try keep them from going off course)...sounds like good stuff

btw, a got a preview of his playing Shadows and AB which resulted in a nice campfire singalong, no surprise (also doing IYCRMM which will suit his style...he does an entire Taylor show ...a sampler below)

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