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Default Re: The Complete Singles 1970-1980 2CD-March 2019 release

Now, I'm not sure if the version of "Wreck" I recall vividly playing on the extended speakers in the former greenhouse-now-warehouse/workshop that I was kind of in charge of from 1989-93 at the environmental consulting firm I worked for, is going to be one on this collection. I only heard it once but it was rather awkward sounding - the way they chopped up the instrumental beats between verses to shorten the song - for someone who, even then, knew the song proper... it bothered me. At the time, before internet, I knew nothing of alternate single versions. Now in recent years I've read about how Gord had to "phone-in" his edits to the song for the 45RPM edit, while on canoe trippin', but Wayne's description of the single edit does not match what I remember hearing that one time on the radio. I own I think one or two 45s of Wreck and neither of them are what I heard that time. Maybe what I heard that one time was some local custom edit and not something officially issued. I'm going to buy this though, it's in my shopping cart - once I add some other items over the next months I'll push the checkout button.
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