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Default Re: Red Shea High String Guitar Youtube Video

We're using the Multimedia software Movavi and we've hit a few snags, the 'ol daunting "learning curve;" but, I believe, going forward, we should be able to pull off something everyone can enjoy. This involves the screen being split into thirds, and perfectly syncing the three tracks together. Well, the "perfectly syncing" part took awhile to negotiate.... My son is a Pro Tools expert and he gave us some excellent advice. So, we'll play around with the software during the week in order to master the controls; and by the weekend, I should be good to go. The recording of the guitar parts is the EASY part. It appears Movavi will work just fine as we become a bit more familiar with the software. So, hang in there! I'm trying my best to present a fine tutorial for everyone! Did anyone ever conduct a career-spanning interview with Terry Clements? I would think that would contain his recollections of his first recording duties for Gordon on the "Don Quixote" LP. I'd really like to identify that second lead guitarist, playing in standard (if it's at all possible!). I'll post an update soon!
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