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Default Gord performed last night in Melbourne, Australia!

Last night in my home town, in a pub in the suburb of St Kilda, I watched Gordon Lightfoot and his band perform a lengthy, layback gig. I had known about it in advance. Before the show, Gord sauntered around the pub, meeting the locals. I frantically texted Joveski, fearing he may not have been aware Gord was in town. His backing musicians performed an instrumental before Gord joined them on stage. The concert included many tunes not normally performed at a Lightfoot concert. I spotted a young, Asian-looking woman looking through the audience and I realised who she was (Corfid contributor "Sammy") and introduced myself. I planned to approach Gord at intermission, confident he would remember meeting me after his Wisconsin concert in 2008. Then my alarm clock went off and I realised it was 6am Friday and just a normal week after all. (It was the first time I had dreamed Lightfoot, apart from the lead-up to the 2008 concert when I had a few nightmares about missing the concert.)
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