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Default Re: Audio - in my time (1975)

A Youtube commenter who first heard this song at Lincoln Center in New York on Nov. 22, 1975 also says Gord introduced The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald that night. His comment was from 5 years ago but he confirmed it about a week ago due to someone asking about it.

It's news to me and I'm frankly astonished that The Wreck was written and performed that soon after the event. I'm not saying it didn't happen but does anyone know for certain?

I first heard Gord do it in July of 76, a month or after Summertime Dream (the album) came out. (That was also the first time I'd ever seen him in concert.) I looked at the concert schedule on Wayne Francis's fantastic website and Gord did have several days off after Boston on the 9th until New York on the 21st and 22nd.

And by the way, I too had never heard In My Time until I saw this thread.
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