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Default Re: LIGHTFOOT by Nicholas Jennings - Sept.2017

Originally Posted by BILLW View Post
That is good to hear. We need to do something to attract old members back and new members to sign up. Maybe there is a way to export the member list to the Facebook page but we would probably need the corfid boss man for that project and he doesn't show up very often.

Still here, listening in occasionally. Last year was rough. My husband fell off a ladder in May and broke his skull in three places, damaged the hearing in his left ear, and fractured his back. As for me, I had a very bad reaction to Bactrim, putting me in the hospital for four days and leaving me with a swallowing disorder and severe peripheral neuropathy all over. Fortunately Rich has largely recovered except for the hearing and some residual TBI issues. My swallowing returned to normal after a few months but the neuropathy persists to some degree. And one of my siblings was diagnosed in May with renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer), stage 4. On the plus side we now have 4 grandchildren : Patrick, James, Natalie and Charlotte. Keeps us busy. Don't get to many concerts these days but am seeing Sir Paul McCartney at the Syracuse Dome in about 3 weeks.
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