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Default Re: Songs about growing old !

Originally Posted by RM View Post
Here's another song from Cohen that may require further review to see if it qualifies..........

"she's a hundred, but she's wearing something tight"
i could see this coming, you picked out the line with the strongest imagery

not sure of the meaning (aren't all of his about dying, or maybe that's just his vocal tone) but seems like him paralleling a bar winding down with a relationship or world or perhaps life doing the same

great old (i mean young) ELH footage, fezo

ok, this one has to qualify...and i put up this guy's rendition just cos i've stumbled on his whacky stuff a few times over the years and need to share it (he keeps getting shut down on youtube)...the Petty teeth are worth the wait if you can make it past 0:40

Stevie Ricks - The End Of The Line (Parody) Video by Ohnothimagen - MySpace Video

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