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Default Re: Two Recent Video Interviews of GL by Rudy Blair (680 News)

Hi there,
just watched the home video a third time; Iīve read all your comments and I must say I
largely share your insights and comments about the `ghostly mansionīand the not-lived-in impression. I think he left everything the way it was when his wife and children moved out.Considering his illness and the time he spends on the road - maybe he just never found the time and energy to create a new home for himself. I was always wondering whether the aquisition of the new house was a last attempt at saving the marriage. So, with his family living in a different house it didnīt matter to him any more.What Char said about him being outvoted by his family on the subject of moving house seems to endorse that theory..
Anyway, it sure is unlike anything you might see on `Cribsī; so , I regard the house as what it probably is- the remnant of a broken home. Made me very sad indeed.
The only time I had to chuckle was when he made the remark/joke about `Queen Street and the siamese cat `or am I getting anything wrong there? I didnīt get the Mojo/Jomo - thing - whatīs the catīs name after all ? Please help me out . It was nice to post after quite a while (donīt get me wrong- I check in every day after work, thatīs a ritual. i just had a hard time logging in -as always. ) My serious apologies to everyone who contacted me on my account . I never got to see those private messages. Iīll write to you all in person when I have some time on my hands in short.
Love Vera
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