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Default Re: You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If...

Originally Posted by Yuri View Post

Caution!: When requesting songs from a band or from someone compiling a playlist for any occasion..........Be very specific!

I requested the band play Lightfoot's 'Beautiful' for the first dance at my wedding and instead ended up swaying 'too and fro' to Joe Cocker's 'You Are So Beautiful....

ummm,......not the same....

Yuri - I hear ya. My daughter arranged to have (yet again !) 'Beautiful' - I guess good taste runs in the family played at her Wedding reception - and they flubbed it up -said expos factos they could not find 'it' - 'cause 'Walmart didn't have a Folk section' arg- i know at Walmart they have the Rhino greatest hits and typically also GGI - in the Pop/Rock section.

The fact that her wedding music team only went to Walmart - hoo but I saved the day, drove back to my hotel - and I had a copy of Don Quixote in the room !! Yes !! She danced with her husband to was very.....much like watching sands of time before my eyes.. in increments of generation....that was MERRY AND MY SONG TOO ! My daughter has certainly picked up a few good habits from us ! - mmm and a few not so good ones too lol.... Thanks once again for your erudite observations , Yuri
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