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jj 08-07-2010 01:48 AM

Re: Red Shea
some may find this heartbreaking or uplifting or both - i was at a bone marrow drive at Hamilton Health Sciences Centre today (if that rings a bell, it's where GL rebounded:) ) where i heard some chatting about a Jamie fellow who had helped organize some modest local musical events to help raise some funds for those battling cancer

one, in particular was for this mentally ill woman http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/arti...m?bn=1#article

but on a more touching note, he was inspired to write and dedicate a tune called "Red's Song" to his late guitar teacher.... all the best to this young man in fulfilling his dreams and thanks to Red for helping to inspire them

formerlylavender 08-07-2010 08:43 AM

Re: Red Shea
I find it uplifting. His heart is obviously in the right place. Red must indeed have been a wonderful person to so profoundly inspire this young man.

charlene 08-07-2010 11:13 AM

Re: Red Shea
I saw this young fellow on the news the other night when they were talking about the scam - he really invested alot of time and energy into raising funds for her.
She's been arrested. She has some major mental health issues it seems.
I hope he continues down the path he's on..The song is lovely.

What that young girl did makes me so angry..all of those wonderful people worked so hard and must be devastated now..

fundraiser event he had: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamie-...9822163&ref=mf



Jesse Joe 08-07-2010 03:00 PM

Re: Red Shea
A beautiful song it is... Red was a good teacher, that guitar playing sounds very good ! :)

jj 08-07-2010 04:43 PM

Re: Red Shea

Originally Posted by charlene (Post 164556)
She's been arrested. She has some major mental health issues it seems

as well as offering therapy, they should make her pluck out the rest of her body hair

jj 08-08-2010 09:10 AM

Re: Red Shea

Originally Posted by charlene (Post 164556)
She's been arrested.

they've shipped her out to the country in the women's pen about 15 mins from here...there are some tough gals in there...for her own good i'll bet she's in solitary this weekend

she thinks she just has to pay back the $$$ and we're all square and good to go...sheesh, do jewel thieves just have to return diamonds if they get caught?

sorry for mudding this sacred old Red thread with her scandalous story

glad you enjoyed Jamie....seems like he was taught well (by Red and his folks)

formerlylavender 08-08-2010 01:27 PM

Re: Red Shea
If she does pay back the $, it will be step one in trying to make things right. Will that ever happen? I doubt it. She's the worst kind of con artist, playing on people's sympathy like that. This was not a one time mistake, but premeditated and she made continuous choices to keep playing out the charade and taking, taking, taking. Even if she's truly mentally ill, she still has to face the consequences like the rest of us. Jamie shouldn't feel badly at all. He was just trying to help and obviously wasn't the only one fooled.

Jesse Joe 08-09-2010 06:18 AM

Re: Red Shea
Like jj said in a previous post; "sorry for mudding this sacred old Red thread with her scandalous story"


Woman allegedly faked cancer to raise funds

Published Monday August 9th, 2010
Police say 23-year-old to face fraud charges in court today


TORONTO - A woman accused of pretending to have cancer in order to raise money for herself is to appear in an Ontario courtroom to face charges today, but her father said she won't have the support of her family.

"She was pleading for me to be there because she doesn't have anybody else," said Mike Kirilow yesterday, moments after he got off the phone with his daughter Ashley Kirilow, who made a collect call from a detention centre.

Police allege 23-year-old Ashley Anne Kirilow of Burlington, Ont. organized fundraisers with the help of others who believed her to be terminally ill.

Kirilow turned herself in to police on Friday and was charged with three counts of fraud under five-thousand dollars.

The case has exploded, grabbing international headlines and causing outrage on a Facebook wall for the charity Change for a Cure, which Ashley Kirilow created.

Photos on the website on Saturday showed Kirilow, smiling, but looking sallow as she wore a pink knit hat to cover her apparently bald head. In the picture, Kirilow is making fists with her hands to show off tattoos on her knuckles that in black lettering read "won't quit."

Other photos, which have since been taken down, showed a pair of hands wrapped in tubes and taped in needles.

One published report last week quoted her as saying she was sorry for what she has done.

Ashley Kirilow's mother, Cindy Edwards of Brantford, Ont. said she and her family are distraught, after having tried everything to help her troubled daughter.

"There was so much money and she's making out like it was nothing. It just makes me really sick," said Edwards.

Ashley Kirilow's father, mother, stepmother and siblings have been estranged from the young woman since 2005.

Mike Kirilow said he feels compelled to speak out to clarify to the public that no one else involved with the charity knew of illegal activity, adding some people who tried to help Ashley have received death threats.

charlene 06-10-2013 10:28 AM

Re: Red Shea
Remembering Red and the music today...

lighthead2toe 06-10-2013 02:10 PM

Re: Red Shea
Yes, we surely will and thanks Char for the addition to this wonderful thread.

Today is a "Red Shea Day" for me.

After watching over and over those fantastic You Tube videos showing the master in his prime it's still hard to fathom the fact that Red has passed on.

His works live on though and thanks to those videos we can follow the fingers where they go.


Calgary Dave 06-26-2014 09:53 PM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
Another anniversary bump. As I mentioned in my first post, Red and his family were/are very close to mine. I thought everyone might like to hear that Red's son Scott is carrying on his Dad's talent and legacy.

Scott has just released a CD on Soundcloud. Produced by Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar) and Willie Nelson's sister on keyboard: https://soundcloud.com/scottshea

This one song brought me to tears, as it's written about Red and Scott's daughter: https://soundcloud.com/scottshea/sco...when-she-prays

Scott's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/scottsheasongs

charlene 06-26-2014 10:59 PM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
thanks for the links..!! Will give a listen/look in the a.m. Good to hear Scott continues such a fine legacy.
I think the anniversary was remembered in a separate thread this year...

charlene 06-11-2015 07:21 AM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
I was here yesterday and forgot to post a note to bring this to the top..Memories of Red:

charlene 06-11-2015 07:22 AM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
part 2 -

lighthead2toe 06-11-2015 01:43 PM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
Thanks Char for posting these brilliant videos at this time. It sure is a special way to keep the memory of Red with us.

I've been playing along with them and what a rush it gives me hearing those lovable licks filtering through there.

I love the way Gord sings those different lyrics SSOL: "There was no defenders then, to each his own delight" now that's cool!

"The minstrel of the dawn is gone, I hope he'll call before too long."

He already did.

johnfowles 06-11-2015 04:49 PM

Re: Red Shea

Originally Posted by johnfowles (Post 139723)

I now know why my old Holly friend Shawn Nagy is credited on that page and that he was trying to contact Red about that single when he died
Shawn did however supply a 32 second clip of the "A" side" (Marlene)
http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/ss/34/ss34774.mp3 ??m ??:headbang:

such profound lyrics too!!
"I have never seen a girl like you Marlene"

Revisiting this thread I could not help noticing that the link I originally provided to that short sample of the single Marlene
Yes yet another ditty from the pen of Les Pouliot
-by the Red and Les Trio is now nonfunctional but a quick search found that it has moved to:-
If you left click the loudspeaker symbol immediately in front of the song title you can hear the rather underwhelming 32 second sample and if you right click it then "Save Target As" you could download that sample as a mall (94KB) file ss34774.mp3,
Similarly on
is another sample this time a 1962 Red Shea single called ominously
Moon Boogie Twist (instr.) Red Shea
It reminded me that I posted at length to Char's April 2015 thread concerning Red's son Scott at:-
and I see from:-
that Scott will be playing in Toronto in one week's time
will anybody here be able to go??
Upcoming concerts
Thursday 18 June 2015
Scott Shea Cameron House Toronto

johnfowles 06-12-2015 03:33 PM

Re: Red Shea

Originally Posted by jj (Post 139188)

the last photo I saw of Red was from years ago in this 2001 Sounding Board article excerpt

I thought I would use Jimmy's image as a further demonstration of the use of the free online OCR sevice provided by
The result was absolutely perfect exept that the final word came out as "Badcpadcee"
I had not heard of that model either so I will not citicise the website too much!!!
When I then read the text in Jimmy's image I realised that it provided scant information about who this Roger fellow was
although he obviously played with Hank Snow at some point Googling indicated that he was Roger Carroll a bass player
Whilst refinding this thread to complete my draft for this post I found
in which Valerie had displayed her own subtly different
screenshot made from the actual archived pdf file of volume 10 of the Martin Guitar Sounding Board and thus I found that Jimmy had unfortunately omitted an explanatory heading pragraph
I have now uploaded the complete text portion of that image to
which then produced the following digitised text which is perfect except for the First and last words!!
RCC,;ER & RED'S UNBROKEN CIRCLE Roger Carroll, of Springfield, Tennessee (above right) played bass with Hank Snow on all his road shows, at all of his many appearances at the Grand Ole Opry, and on his duet album "Brand On My Heart" with Willie Nelson. Red Shea, (above left with the red cap) accompanied Gordon Lightfoot on guitar on many of his legendary hits induding "If You Could Read My Mind," "Beautiful," "Alberta Bound," and "Sundown." Red also played guitar on the Tommy Hunter TV Show, and with Ian and Sylvia. Roger sent this photo to us and explained that when he first started playing bluegrass and country guitar, he had a Martin guitar playing friend named Terry Gann (now of Tucson, Arizona) whose band played a lot of Kingston Trio and Gordon Lightfoot material. It was there that Roger first encountered Red Shea's great and different chord progressions. And it was in that band that Roger got to "play around the great Martin sound!" Roger met up with Red again several years later while taping a Tommy Hunter TV Show with Hank Snow in Toronto. While talking with Red about "stealing" his licks, Red confessed that he had "stole" all his licks from Hank Snow records. They figured it out then and there that when Roger went to work with Hank Snow, he was actually bringing back all of those "stolen licks" to Hank, kind of "full circle." The two have been friends ever since and have been able to catch up with each other in either Canada or Nashville. On this particular trip to Canada, they met up for some lunch and shared a picking lesson on a Martin Badcpadcer.
For further proof of the remarkable accuracy and usefulnes of that online OCR website I have selected one of Char's newspaper scans from her "Treasure Vault" here on corfid:-
its URL is:-
and it looks remarkably like this
this is the report on the disastrous final concert (at the Dominion Theatre London)
of Gordon's last UK Tour on Wedneday May 20 1981
I had seen his brilliant Royal Albert Hall concert two days earlier
I believe I am right in saying that a once prolific corfid member who never posts here nowadays was at that Dominion concert and after everyone else had left she and a few other hangers on were invited onto the stage for a delightfully impromptu recital.
Nevertheless word has it that this was the deciding factor behind Gord not doing any more UK tours (not until next years surprise tour)
That fact led directly to my trip to Toronto in November 1999 to see Gord again and to face my chatroom friend with whom I have now spent a most exciting 15 years.
here is the OCR result of this report "as is" (it now requires I reckon about ten easy corrections/tidying up)
If anybody else would like to be so daring as to try another of Char's gems please do so
Tip copy an original image from
to your hard drive (desktop maybe) to upload to
OK Y'all YerTis
Lightfoot took a boat but didn't get across

A promoter in London Is offering refunds after what one disgruntled ticketholder called an 'awful, Insulting' concert by Gordon Lightfoot before 2100 people at the Dominion Theatre Wednesday night. According to John MacLennan, a Canadian stock-broker who attended the soldout concert, Lightfoot spent just a little over an hour on stage. much of it taken up with complaints about the English, England and its radio stations. "lie said was never coming back, got angry over the fact that concerts in Liverpool and Manchester had not sold out and then walked off just twenty minutes Into his second set saying, "1 don't feel well enough to go on. That's it," said MacLennan. "He walked off to a chorus of boos. What does he expect during a recession when he's charging-six pounds ($15) for a ticket?" Andrew Miller, who produced the show, got on Capital Radio in London yesterday, apologized and said anyone who mailed him their ticket stub would get their money back. Lightfoot's management yesterday confirmed the incident with the explanation that Canada's famed fade was whacked out after having to take a ferry over from France because of a strike at London's Ileathnnw air-port. You know how Gord is," added Dave To!Wigton. publicist at Lightfoot's record company. "He says things that are sometimes misinterpreted by th g public." _
GORDON LIGHTFOOT only an hour?
PS in searching for Roger I also ended up (I can't remember howI or why I got there) watching a YouTube video my onetime lightfoot concert opener Tom May
At 2:40 he introduces David Rae singing For Lovin' Me
a good thread from when David died is at
plus there is a fine obituary at

lighthead2toe 06-11-2016 05:02 PM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
Another year gone by to make it eight years yesterday since we lost Red. Still very sad but still very much alive musically.
So happy to see his talented son, Scott out there playing his Dad's Martin guitar, the one that produced those captivating licks on Gord's early recordings.
Extended condolences to the family.

johnfowles 02-08-2018 06:29 PM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
It looks like the ninth anniversary of Red's passing got overlooked last year but having just been researching Buddy Holly items after watching a great documentary by Dion DiMucci (of the Bronx based Belmonts fame)on YouTube at
I googled and found an album produced by Shawn Nagy, who I see I had mentioned in this thread earlier, a great fan of Buddy's and Canadian rock music and with whom who I had stayed with when visiting Lubbock Texas during my epic North American tour in November 1999 (in three weeks I visited Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Denver-Lubbock-Clovis-The Grand Canyon-Phoenix-San Francisco and Vancouver)

it is featured on his website at
Red & Les Trio - Marlene
Red & Les Trio - Pretty Miss Eyes Of Blue
Red & Les Trio - I Want Love, Not Sympathy
Red Shea - Moon Boogie Twist

and there are a trio of interesting videos fearturing Red Shea on YouTube in particular:-
Red & Les Trio - I Want Love, Not Sympathy (with Red Shea) 1959

actually the other on "The Claw" provides a far better video of Red's guitar prowess

lighthead2toe 06-10-2018 01:26 PM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
Ten years now have gone by since we lost Red Shea.
Last night at the Aurora Theatre in Red's hometown I watched and listened on the sidelines as "Classic Lightfoot Live" performed "Minstrel of the Dawn," the Lightfoot song reportedly to be about Red.
It brought back warm memories from those wonderful years when we had him with us.
Once again, extended condolences to Red's family.

jj 06-11-2018 04:08 AM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
so great to have you there, Ron - a fine guitar tech with great beverages!

we should have mentioned the anniversary - we will next week (sold out)

i think the Minstrel has been a fine set opener - enthusiastic Lightfoot crowd

lighthead2toe 06-11-2018 01:23 PM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
It was wonderful evening JJ and thank you for your kind words.
It's really great keeping Red's memories alive through the music and especially with his students on stage making it happen.
See you in Ballinafad next week.

lighthead2toe 06-10-2019 11:44 AM

Re: Red Shea has died-June 2008
Here we are again. Now eleven years since we lost Red Shea. His memory sure does live on amongst us though.
Always trying to get into things more happy than blue.
Wonderful memories watching all the great videos now available.
Extended condolences to Red's family.

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