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charlene 01-18-2012 07:47 PM

Ft.Pearce article
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What: Gordon Lightfoot in concert

When: 8 p.m., Jan. 21

Where: Sunrise Theatre, 117 S. Second St., Fort Pierce

Cost: $49-$59

Tickets: 772-461-4775; sunrisetheatre.org

Gordon Lightfoot

Award winning, gold and multi-platinum singer/songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot is set to perform Jan. 21 at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce. If you're expecting a mellow performance, Lightfoot said you'll be surprised.

"It's very lively. There is wonderful beat that goes through the whole thing," Lightfoot said in an interview last month. "It's not the kinda beat people might expect. I mean we have a show!"

The 73-year-old Canadian started performing as a child at Lions Clubs and coffee houses and has not stopped in the last six decades. He's performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall and just about every venue in between. He still does about 70 to 80 shows a year and he is as passionate about it as ever.

"I love the work," Lightfoot said. "I don't feel burnt out."

Each performance is a new experience, he added even for 40-year-old hits such as "Sundown."

Over the years, artists from Elvis Presley to Toby Keith have covered Lighfoot's songs. His favorite is Barbara Streisand's version of his classic, "If You Can Read My Mind."

In 2002 while performing a sound check, an acute abdominal aneurysm nearly took his life. He spent six weeks in a coma and another 19 months in recovery.

"I was in desperate shape," Lightfoot said. "But I knew somehow, I was going to get through."

But not everyone had as much faith. In 2010, a rumor of Lightfoot's death spread quickly on the Internet. He was in his car when he heard the news on the radio. He called the station to let them know they were wrong.

"They were playing "If You Can Read My Mind" and reading my obituary when I called," Lightfoot said.

"Dead Wrong!" was the headline above his picture on the front page of the Toronto Sun the next day.

These days, Lightfoot said he concentrates on performances, perfecting his volumes of material for shows.

Terry Clements, Lightfoot's friend and lead guitarist of 40 years died in February. The new guitarist has changed group's sound a bit and Lightfoot though respectful of his friend said he thinks the change has improved his performances.

"It feels better," Lightfoot said. "I feel really good about it right now."

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