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Florian 09-21-2000 01:06 AM

Happy Birthday, Gordon Lightfoot!

Gordon Lightfoot's birthday is on November 17th, 2000.


As suggested, I'd like to collect all birthday wishes under one topic, and I'll then print it out and send it to Gordon Lightfoot.

Please post your birthday greeting by clicking on the "Post Reply" button.

I'm sure he will be most happy to see how much he is appreciated all around the world.

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Silver Heels 09-21-2000 09:59 AM

Great idea Florian. Count me in!

knottypine 09-21-2000 10:22 AM

Me too!

Florian 09-21-2000 11:53 AM

Hi SilverHeels, Hi Barabara,

Thanks for joining the bandwagon. Well then, let's hear your birthday wishes.

Post them right here...

A Painter 09-21-2000 12:49 PM

Count me in too. I'll be back soon with a greeting.

Love the picture !

theotterjudy 09-21-2000 01:29 PM

Well, Gord, I guess you can tell by all these birthday greetings just how much you are thought of by all of us. In all our cases you have made a big difference in our lives, since the first time we heard you on the radio, or at a concert, or on a friend's stereo. We listen to you to calm down, dream, fall in love, make it through the tough times, and appreciate life.
So, from all of us to you:


(By the way: "Otter than nothin', what's new?)

Fondly, theotterjudy

"the mornin' after blues, from my head down to my shoes..."
"Laughing eyes and smiling face..."

classicmixdj 09-21-2000 03:27 PM

As for me, I'd have to say you put on the best show to take a date to...guess it's all those romantic tunes. Thanks for all the wonderful songs you've shared with us.
I praise God for you. Happy Birthday Gordon.

freebenn@prodigy.net 09-21-2000 04:05 PM

I was at your concert in Marquette/Michigan in the 70's when you sang "The Wreck of the Edmund FItzgerald" for the first time there. It was an awesome concert!

sandyo 09-21-2000 05:53 PM

Dearest Gord,

Hope you have the best birthday ever and a wonderful, happy, healthy year ahead.

Thank you for so many years of songs and stories that mean so much to so many.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon!

God bless,


Silver Heels 09-22-2000 03:52 PM

Dear Gord,
may your birthday bring you as much joy
and happiness as your music has brought me
over the years. There's an old saying which
sums up my feelings exactly: MAY YOU LIVE
A THOUSAND YEARS, Gordon Lightfoot!
Please come and see us in the UK again soon.

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[This message has been edited by Silver Heels (edited September 22, 2000).]

Rose 09-22-2000 03:59 PM

Dear Gord,
Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and many more to come. Thank you for all the wonderful years of your beautiful music, and thank you so much for taking the time at the end of your concert's to let your fans meet you, it was one of my biggest blessings to have had the honor to meet you back-stage at the Erie, Pa. concert. Till we meet again.
Thanks again,

Rusty 09-22-2000 05:28 PM

Hey I'm with you Florian

Rusty 09-22-2000 05:29 PM

Hey I'm with you Florian

midnightmisty 09-22-2000 11:30 PM

Happy Birthday, Gord!

Now, you're not going to be working on your birthday again, are you?!! (Massey Hall mid- 80's. You recorded "I'll Tag Along" AND gave a concert that night! oh, pleeeeaze....)

Much Love & Best Wishes from Kate and Marty!

Scott Mac 09-23-2000 12:59 AM

Happy Birthday Gordon! I pray that this is your best one ever. Your music has brought me more joy and inspiration than words could ever say!

Gerry & Huguette Maillet 09-23-2000 03:40 AM

You are the most talented musician we have ever known. We listen to your CD's everyday and we never get tired of them.
You have to be the best musician and composer ever.....there will never be another one like you....ever.
We love you!
Gerry & Huguette Maillet

A Painter 09-23-2000 10:23 AM

Happy Birthday Gord. Thank you so much for many years of fantastic music. Keep it coming. You are the best !

Reaching for my saddlebag
I take a Lightfoot tape into my hand
Then striking up a knightly pose
I shout across the ocean to your shore
Please play England once more.

All the best, Alan & Gill (England).

storm 09-23-2000 10:51 AM

Happy birthday Mr Lightfoot. I hope you are truly happy at this point in your life, and I hope you have many wonderful years to come to enjoy it.

Alice 09-24-2000 11:47 AM

Hi Mister Lightfoot! Have a nice birthday! I've grown up with your music (my parents are fans, but i swear I'm not a fan by default) Eat a giant piece of yummy cake!

charlene 09-24-2000 12:39 PM

Happy Birthday!
I hope the coming years find you in good health, with a happy heart and a knowledge that you and your music mean more to so many people than they could ever express. The accomplishment of touching the world with your talent is astounding. Meeting you in Orillia this past July was truly an honour for me and one I will never forget. I understand you heard my name from town to town this summer from fellow Lightfoot lovers who came to see you. I find this quite amusing seeing as I have been a fan for 30 years, live up the road from Toronto and always kept my distance! Except for Hallowe'en 1993 when I dropped by with my children! It has been a true joy to have had your music in my life all these years and I rest easy knowing that I always will. I hope this finds you surrounded by your loving family and true friends. Know that all of us will be there in spirit, toasting a light in all our lives - you.
Charlene Westbrrok

jmorg@aol.com 09-24-2000 03:08 PM

happy birthday Gordon! I understand you have an upcoming PBS concert special. I look forward to seeing it. I also hope someday you'll tour in Northeast Pennsylavania.

phinzzz 09-24-2000 06:54 PM

Happy Birthday. May you have as much joy and happiness in this birthday, and more to follow, as I've had brought to my life with your music. I appreciate all you do; the tours you make, the songs you write. I can absolutely feel your music and your stories.You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me, and all the many people who love you.


Bruce Shapiro 09-24-2000 07:43 PM

HAPPY Birthday.
THANK YOU again for the music! Your gift is a true gift. Thanks.
Bruce S. Nov. 25, 44

HCC321@aol.com 09-24-2000 07:54 PM


Happy Birthday and our wishes for many more. Had a great time at our last concert at the Majestic Theatre, in North Tonawanda, NY. Looking forward to Massey Hall next spring.

Harold, Pam and Michael Christie
Tonawanda, NY

shotgun@paulbunyan.net 09-24-2000 10:04 PM

What a talented man. I am hoping to see you when you are in Minnesota.

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