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Dan O'Malley 11-14-2002 12:12 PM

I Recently got a CD via ebay called "Remember Me" and among some live tracks is a song called "Corner of the House". Has anyone any information on this? I've never heard of it before, did Gord write it? It's a very good song, reminds me a little of "Is There Anyone Home" from "Sundown".

Suzi 11-14-2002 02:44 PM

It's really "Nighttime" - one of the new songs Gord tried out during his live concerts a year or so ago.

The guy didn't know the title and just took a line from the song "...in the corner of the house..."

Dan O'Malley 11-15-2002 07:45 PM

Thanks suzi, is this a song gord wrote himself, or a cover? It cetainly sounds like a lightfoot original!

Suzi 11-15-2002 09:12 PM

He wrote it. He played three new original songs during his 2001 tour. Those songs were "Nighttime", "Shellfish" and "The No Hotel".

The Gypsy 11-17-2002 05:22 PM

I also have the"Remember Me"CDs had them about a year now cant believe they are about to go for 50 on Ebay, mind you some great unreleased songs on them.

" Stay Loose "

Dan O'Malley 11-18-2002 11:28 AM

I Particularly like "Two Crazy Kids" and "Face of a Thousand People". Not sure about "Daisy Doo" though!

joveski 11-18-2002 02:00 PM

i love "pleasures of the night" and 2 crazy kids.

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