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geodeticman.5 05-30-2014 01:43 AM

Howdy old friends!
Hi my fine old friends in corfid, and newer members too. I don't get in too much here, what with my daughter having talked me into Facebook to keep up with posts and pictures of my first GRANDCHILD! Asher Michael Matthew Shuptrine is one year old now! My daughter is 32!!!! Some of you may recall when she was a teenager in the late 90's.. Time goes by. I wish you all well, and good spaces.... I hope to poke my head in more often, and think of you all from time to time.

Some of you would recall my difficulties early on medically, but we all have those from time to time. I hope you are all well enough to be happy. I have not found a new Mrs. Dunbar yet, but medical has been keeping me busy again. I was lucky and blessed to have a brain tumor removed successfully in a 12 hour surgery, and it appears I will thrive! I go back in next week for a couple hour surgery to finish a thing or two. I am finally almost out of my wheelchair; long time and a lot of rehab physical therapy paying off I don't let medical define me anymore though! I am a grandpa, and family defines me vastly more.

When I get well enough again, I will stop in and say hello to you all, and see what's up. I hope my friends in here, some of which I talk to in the Facebook Lightfoot pages regularly and may not know your real names here and there, are all happy and still enjoying Gord's music and touring. After all, that is why we come in here, isn't it?

I hope his impending marriage and new love inspires a new album! I sure still enjoy my music by Gord.

Take care!

charlene 05-30-2014 08:29 AM

Re: Howdy old friends!
Hey Steve-glad you dropped by and are feeling better now! Lots of places for fans to go to nowadays with the 3 FB pages in the mix!

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