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just ducky 04-30-2013 10:09 AM

"Songbook" disc set
a few years ago my wife bought me the GL Songbook disc set, and I love it. I have a brother who has also been a huge GL fan, and I'd like to find another set. I've searched all over the WWW and there are some on Amazon, but they're pretty high-priced (in my opinion). I even tried Ebay...still pretty high. Seems as if all the old music is being sold in MP3 format nowadays, and I'm not a fan. Since you are all such GL devotees, I'm wondering if anyone knows of an obscure outlet for his music in CD format? Any thoughts?

Borderstone 05-07-2013 11:38 PM

Re: "Songbook" disc set
This site has it for $48.98 ( + tax,shipping is included. )


Site name is : " iOffer " . Looks like an okay site but check 'em out good. You never know.

With this set being 14 years ago this summer,the price will
just keep going up the older it gets and the harder it is to find.

(I've only had mine since 08/07/2001). ;)

charlene 05-08-2013 08:30 AM

Re: "Songbook" disc set
the Canadian site as above says it's a 'back-up' set.no inserts or cases. probably burned copies..http://www.ioffer.com/i/gordon-light...-set-533360582

geodeticman.5 05-10-2013 10:44 PM

Re: "Songbook" disc set
Yea, just ducky, that sounded too good to be true, then I saw Char's post, which I would have guessed that it was something like that. I say that because I looked long and hard when I needed to replace mine about a year ago, and no one had any retail copies, including Amazon. The best, over a month or so that I looked, was to bid on a good-as-new condition set with booklet, everything original (would be mint, but no wrapping), on E-bay. I lost one of two sets to a higher bidder than my self-imposed limit of $75, and learned my lesson. I bought the 2nd set on E-bay, essentially the same condition, and incremented in $2 intervals (!@#$%), until I got it at $90. It was worth it, the seller was a nice lady back East, and all was as she said. She even added a very good condition Sunday Concert CD, and "The Way I Feel" LP, for free,and wrote a nice letter.Good people, Lightfoot fans.

I post this to establish one thing for you, hopefully: The going price to not be surprised at, and to not feel you are over-bidding. One exception to check-out is Valerie MaGees' site: http://www.gordonlightfoot.com/ where she snaps-up new sets when she sees them, and sells them at her cost,or + a nominal fee, don't know, but I've seen her occassionally have one or two for sale to fellow fans when she finds them. She reports this today, as she has none for sale herself, and, as of today, she says: "As this time, there appear to be no new copies of Songbook in any online store. You might want to:
[how to log into E-bay]
(Type: Gordon Lightfoot Songbook box set into the search box).
Amazon France had two copies at the normal price for them, but of course higher than the US list price, even before shipping is added. They no longer have them for sale because they are on their way to me!" - so , she has none for sale today.

- Good luck to you, and I'd snap one up in excellent shape for $75 - $95 now while you might still be able to, w/o worrying about that being too much. It's not, and as you know, it's worth it. I had one copy I vowed to keep unopened, in my "treasure" trunk of collectibles in general. I opened it about 5 years back. They got lost here and there, trampled on the car floor while driving (blaspheme), you know how it goes. So then I bought on Ebay and was glad of it. - if only I had kept the unopened set, for a genuine Gord emergancy.damn... damn... damn.... LOL.

geodeticman.5 05-11-2013 12:58 PM

Re: "Songbook" disc set
I looked at Amazon, and $390 for a new boxed set is a bit steep, isn't it? :eek:

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