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johnfowles 02-04-2013 12:52 PM

Richard The Third
RIchard The Third
Amazing news today from Lester Ingland
the body of a famous royal hunchback complete with twisted spine has been found
whilst excavating a car park and proved by DNA testing of a descendant of the king's eldest sister the son now living in London of a family traced to Canada
The complete skeleton showing the curved spine of Richard III, who was killed in the Battle of in 1485. Photograph: EPA
On the Bosworth Guardian page were two most interesting comments firstly within the article the chief researcher said
"(As far as Langley is concerned,)
Richard was the true king, the last king of the north, a worthy and brave leader who became a victim of some of the most brilliant propaganda in history, in the hands of the Tudors' image-maker, Shakespeare"
and from a reader
"Roman soldiers on parade are given the order to number from the right. Aye, shouts number one, aye aye, shouts number two, aye aye aye shouts number three (I still didn't get it at that point). But then the next soldier shouts aye vee ..."
But the funniest reference to this king must be the late Peter sellers taking the urine
out of both The Beatles and Sir Laurence Olivier

charlene 02-04-2013 01:05 PM

Re: Richard The Third

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