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Affair on Touhy Ave. 09-28-2018 04:17 PM

Wrong Version of EMR Played.
Perhaps many of you are familiar with a few over the air classic TV stations, including ME-TV. That station also has an internet stream which plays older music as well.

I'll post the link on the other section but they play some Lightfoot stuff. They have EMR and though its credited to 1966 they have the re-recording instead which bothers and while I'm not exactly bad mouthing it you'd think they'd not only know better but would appropriately play the right one.

You gotta wonder how any station would make such a mistake.

I remember a PBS special about the history of the CP Railroad and I think the re-recording was played in it.

It's like too many people are ignorant about the early Lightfoot songs.

Andy T. 09-28-2018 05:54 PM

Re: Wrong Version of EMR Played.
Well, when you have re-recordings like Gord did, you will run into this, as the general people slotting music into various holes don't really know the nitty-gritty.

I don't mind any of the various versions, (well, I prefer the later version of The Way I Feel to the low-key original, and I think Version Two of Circle is Small is the better one - but in ether case I do not at all hate the earlier version)

Okay, I'd get a bit bothered by incorrect attribution though.

Martyn Miles 09-29-2018 11:02 AM

Re: Wrong Version of EMR Played.
It’s an interesting subject, re-recordings of GL’s work. I definitely prefer the version of ‘The Circle is Small’ on the Endless Wire album to the earlier version.
Personally, I love the re-recordings of Gord’s songs on ‘Gord’s Gold’ and ‘Gord’s Gold II.’
Others will, no doubt, disagree...

Andy T. 09-29-2018 01:13 PM

Re: Wrong Version of EMR Played.
As I said above, if you prefer subsequent derivatives, as long as you still have a nod towards the originals I find no issue. Really they have all have their specific merits.

jj 10-01-2018 04:42 PM

Re: Wrong Version of EMR Played.
original here - remakes were in large part, business motivated, but anything Gord has done, has been with care .... for me, original version of TCIS is a top 5 Lightfoot studio performance .... the funniest remake is the FLM medley, where the last verse is crepe, and new listeners never even hear the character's cruel punchline .... i love how so many differ in views here ...agreement is lame:headbang:

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