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Affair on Touhy Ave. 06-30-2012 04:28 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
This song didn't make the charts nationally but did here in Chicago on the local charts.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 07-21-2012 09:57 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Don't believe I've heard of this man before.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 08-06-2012 08:20 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
I'm suprised I totaly neglected this one.

Patti 08-14-2012 04:00 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Here's another Summer song. by Bananarama

Affair on Touhy Ave. 05-04-2013 04:16 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Not quite Summer yet but couldn't wait to put up one from the best time of the year.

This Roger Miller classic certainly does have a Summery sound.


KHester 05-04-2013 06:13 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
If we're talking Roger Miller.. here he is with Andy Williams who had a hit with Roger's "In the Summertime"


geodeticman.5 05-12-2013 02:18 AM

Re: Summer Songs.
Jamestown Massacre's "Summer Sun" sounds a LOT like the group "Chicago", in the 70's. Geographic coincidence, I guess. They share some of the same sound, with voice and horn section. Likeable stuff,but not quite the polish of Chicago, the band.

I once read Chicago was one of the top 40's most professionally-trained and classically educated in music and/or their specific instruments. I believe it. Terry Winter is very listenable, but tries a little to hard on rapid vibrato in his voice. Sounds a bit like Johnny Rivers mixed with Bobby Goldsboro's rapid vibrato and tenor voice (?) - I think... I'm no pro on singing terminology, only an amateur opinion.

Summer music definately had a distinctive quality about it. You can almost hear/feel (?)- the heat waves in songs like "Sunset Grill" by Don Henley. I can also still smell the backseat area of the station-wagon (remember those?LOL) on summer family vacations when I was a kid. Socks needing laundered, orange peels and chocolate candy-wrappers on the floor, with my brother and I fighting over the EXACT center of the transmission-hump with our feet, as though we were holding the Prime Meridian down at 0 degrees in Greenwich, LOL.

The smell of Dad's coffee thermos to keep driving for 11 hours at 80 MPH, PULLING A POP-TOP TENT TRAILER, with more than 12 stops, at least one every hour to let the dogs and us rest-stop in 3 minutes max. Gotta get those miles in, and stop at a Holiday Inn every other night for real sleep and shower, unlike the KOA's and oval "stump with electrical outlet, and tent-pad and picnic table "campgrounds",LOL.

From Ohio up through Sault Saint Marie to Canada, West all the way to Alberta and the Rockies, Moraine Lake and The Valley of the Ten Peaks" - THAT was camping, in National Forest grounds. Banff, Lake Louis (beautiful) - and the tea-house gift-shop up a day-hike from the lake, at about 11,000 feet, amazing.Right at timberline. Then shoot down to Colorado, for two weeks of base-camping near Estes Park,and 3-5 day backpack trips from the trailer up to the St. Vrain Glaciers. Magnificent. Smell the pines, ahhhh.

Then back in the car, 4 people, 4 dogs, the backseat "am I going to have to STOP this car and TAN YOUR HIDES?" with my brother and I arguing over the tranny hump again, LOL. Me 12, him 16. 10,000 miles on the Chevy Brookwood wagon that trip, in one month. That was a complex set of summer smells, LOL. oH - And the Stuckey's pecan logs at their tourist stops on the HWY, mom had to get the nut roll logs, and a fresh 2 quarts of coffee for dad to stay awake driving. Gotta get those miles.

Carbon Monoxide and exhaust in the old crank-down wagon rear windows, and the fumes rolling back in, because dad wanted to save the $50 on the air deflector, I'd lay in the back cargo area on the rugs with the dogs to get away from my brother punching me in the arm, LOL, and his, well, methane. But I smelled worse after a few hours in the back with the dogs.

Ahhh but the crisp cool pine-scented air off of the glaciers at backpack camp-sites. Summer smells. Summer songs made me remember all that, LOL.

geodeticman.5 05-12-2013 02:18 AM

Re: Summer Songs.
Gotta listen to the rest of them. :)

Affair on Touhy Ave. 05-12-2013 07:15 PM

Re: Summer Songs.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 05-21-2013 04:39 PM

Re: Summer Songs.

charlene 05-21-2013 04:44 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Sly and The Family Stone..wow - I'm 14 again! Saw them a couple of years later at Maple Leaf Gardens if I remember correctly...

Affair on Touhy Ave. 05-28-2013 07:15 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Of course the same group that did "Time Won't Let Me", which might of been their only charted single. Anyway here's a good summer song which probably didn't see the light of day.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 06-08-2013 06:20 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Can't get enough of songs for the best time of the year.

Some may already know this but Dino was Dean Martin Jr. and Desi was Desi Arez Jr.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 07-13-2013 09:01 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
One from Donovan.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 08-28-2013 07:14 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Summer's ending but might as well type up another if not more.

This is not the Gershwin song but a different song.

Also this group does a wonderful version of The Eagles 7 Bridges.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 03-14-2014 05:29 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Inspite the fact Summer's a few months away,couldn't wait.

Patti 03-18-2014 01:13 AM

Re: Summer Songs.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 04-22-2014 04:16 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Monkees Door Into Summer.

Sung by Mike Nesmith.


Love Generation/ Groovy Summertime.
One of those rare groups out of L.A.


joveski 04-23-2014 12:41 AM

Re: Summer Songs.
Boys of summer is my favourite song of all time!

paskatefan 04-26-2014 07:44 AM

Re: Summer Songs.
Summer in the City - The Lovin' Spoonful

Affair on Touhy Ave. 06-17-2014 05:39 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Here's one that's probably rare. Think I've only heard it once on radio.


Affair on Touhy Ave. 06-30-2014 08:21 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
This is kind of funny because these people are dressed like it's spring or fall considering they're wearing sweats.


Affair on Touhy Ave. 07-04-2014 04:33 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Just discovered this last night.

Don't know anything about Koop or if this is the first time around for this song or if it's an old time jazz standard.


Affair on Touhy Ave. 07-13-2014 08:12 PM

Re: Summer Songs.
Posted this last year but YT keeps removing the long version of this song so here's one from another site.


Jim Nasium 07-15-2014 09:46 AM

Re: Summer Songs.
This guy was big in UK in 60s had several hits. Notice that in picture 5 the guy getting Billy's autograph is John Lennon.


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