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Rob1956 10-06-2006 09:34 PM

It appears there are a lot of Cat Stevens fans among those who are fans of Gord. A couple of months ago, there was quite a thread about the release of Cat's (Yusuf Islam's) new album. It's titled "An Other Cup" and will be released on 11/14/06. Interestingly, the album cover contains a picture of a white cup on a saucer and above in large print the words: "YUSUF"
He apparently decided to leave his last name "Islam" off of the album cover. He's released several Muslim-themed albums over the last few years with no problem using the name "Yusuf Islam" prominently on the cover..so why when he releases his first album of pop songs since 1978, he decides to eliminate his surname of Islam from the cover? Very interesting and very telling at the same time.....just food for thought....

Borderstone 10-07-2006 05:29 PM

Of course he took that name off the cover. The last thing in the world any artist would do right now is make any reference like that.

Some folks unfortunatly interpet that word to also mean muslim. :rolleyes: In this case,"Cat" know better safe than sorry. :)

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