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DarylK 12-14-2021 11:12 PM

Reading, PA 12/14/21 setlist
1. Sweet Guinevere
2. Cotton Jenny
3. Now and Then
4. Sundown
5. Carefree Highway
6. 14 Karat Gold
8. Home From the Forest
9. Beautiful
10. Song For A Winter's Night
11. Baby Step Back
12. Race Among the Ruins
13. The Wreck
14. Early Morning Rain

Encore-Waiting For You

Good show, all too brief. There was an opening act, a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia (would have been good had I remembered his name), then one set. Gord sounded good, could tell his guitar playing was somewhat labored with the recent compound fracture. But any night with Gordon is a good one.

DarylK 12-15-2021 08:56 AM

Re: Reading, PA 12/14/21 setlist
The opening act was Walt Lafty. Was a bit too tired when typing out the setlist.

BILLW 12-17-2021 07:39 AM

Re: Reading, PA 12/14/21 setlist
Thanks for posting. So glad people are going out to see him. How was the attendance?

Bill :)

DarylK 12-17-2021 06:17 PM

Re: Reading, PA 12/14/21 setlist
Much better than the last time Gord played in Reading. I was in the second row so I couldn't really see all the way back, but I'm guessing 65-75% full (I really wish concerts were like sporting events where attendance is posted)?

No real surprises in the setlist, altho it was nice to hear Home From the Forest again. Gordon introduced it by saying he plays it every year on Remembrance Day. And introducing Waiting For You, which was the encore, he said he was thinking of Lewis and Clark when he wrote it. In discussing L&C he brought up the song "Sweet Betsy From Pike" and said that was the inspiration for the rhythm in the song. Then, during the musical portion between verses he quietly sang "Sweet Betsy From Pike" as the band played. It was a very cute and amusing moment.

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