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charlene 10-10-2019 05:55 PM

Postponements notification - new
STATEMENT FROM GORDON LIGHTFOOT: as of today:"As Lightfoot progresses toward a full recovery from a leg injury, his first performance this fall will be November 19th. Concerts scheduled between October 24th to November 7th have been postponed, to be rescheduled for 2020." Check the tour schedules at the links below for specific postponement details and rescheduled dates when confirmed.


BILLW 10-10-2019 09:29 PM

Re: Postponements notification - new
So they got us this time with Nov. 1st right in the middle and me making that non-refundable reservation near the venue. Well he might not be going there but we are. :) Gotta use the room right?
Fingers crossed for a do-over in 2020.
Bill :)

charlene 10-10-2019 11:16 PM

Re: Postponements notification - new
I was heading to Dan and Nanci's in Hamburg to go to the Buffalo and Rochester shows..
Was a taking the bus so will see about a refund but I doubt they will give it to me. Also will try my credit card company to see what they can do - a few years ago when he LIGHTFOOT tribute shows were cancelled on short notice the credit card folks refunded the 4 nights ticket prices for myself and many others who were caught in the insolvency issues at the venue.

My only wish is for him to take it easy and even think about postponing the Canadian portion he plans on doing and see how things are in the new year..

I know it is a HUGE issue to do so with all of the arrangements already done and new ones to plan but he shouldn't be pushing it at his age. It's a gruelling thing to tour at the best of times let alone at his age but with the health stuff thrown in.. it's worrisome..

paskatefan 10-11-2019 06:55 AM

Re: Postponements notification - new
OK! Health has to come first. Hopefully the November 1 date & all of the others will take place some time in 2020!


BILLW 10-11-2019 09:16 AM

Re: Postponements notification - new
Looks like the venue already rescheduled for October 9, 2020. All tickets will be honored and the unsold seats are on sale for the new date. I saw no mention of refunds but I don't want one so I didn't dig too deep. It's still a Friday night in Autumn so there's that

Bill :)


Originally Posted by paskatefan (Post 192499)
OK! Health has to come first. Hopefully the November 1 date & all of the others will take place some time in 2020!


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