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BendRick 01-17-2018 12:16 AM

Cranberries singer goodbye
I heard the news that Dolores O'Riordan passed away yesterday. I enjoyed some of her music back in the 1990's. . RIP.

Jim Nasium 01-17-2018 09:46 AM

Re: Cranberries singer goodbye

Affair on Touhy Ave. 01-17-2018 07:52 PM

Re: Cranberries singer goodbye
They still haven't mentioned the cause of it.

Andy T. 01-27-2018 09:40 AM

Re: Cranberries singer goodbye
Yes, very sad, this is.

Looks like it will be months before the coroner's report is made public.

My main connection to her beyond a couple of Cranberries hits, was the song "Pure Love" - a duet with Italian singer Zucchero... I've listened to that song a few times the last couple of weeks.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 01-27-2018 08:58 PM

Re: Cranberries singer goodbye
actually they found out she was under the influence of some like of drug.

Andy T. 01-27-2018 09:49 PM

Re: Cranberries singer goodbye
Ugh, really? I posted above, after reading a handful of vague reports that said nothing like that. Still given her history I suppose that is not to be too terribly unexpected.

charlene 01-29-2018 09:15 PM

Re: Cranberries singer goodbye
test results pending as of Jan.20 -https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/how-dolores-oriordan-die-cranberries-11856734

Borderstone 03-13-2018 06:44 PM

Re: Cranberries singer goodbye
I liked the Cranberries in the 1990s.

Was surprised when their hits suddenly ceased here in the states.

I hadn't heard anything about the group or their leader until this happened.

No one should be gone that soon,,,and I mean no one. She was a wonderful unique singer.

May she R.I.P. .

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