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fezo 05-31-2000 01:29 PM

Well, not me - Gord!

OK - here's the concept. Rename the albums based on the silliest, weird or whatever line in any song on the album. Now, do remember that this comes from a guy who can play dozens of Lightfot tunes of the top of my head - just laughing with Gord; not at him.

Based on this, obviously "Waiting For You" becomes "I have Been Wearing Polka Dot Underwear" and "Summer Side of Life" becomes "In The Hot, Sickly South." That last one would bother me a lot more if I really thought Cotton Jenny was otherwise one of his best tunes. I don't. Sorry. Anyway, anyone else want a go at it?

bobo 05-31-2000 09:23 PM


It's good to hear from you again! I will take a shot at this one. I might retitle 'A Painter Passing Through', 'Uncle Toad Tucked In A Compost Pile' or 'Salute', 'May All Of Your Martinis Be Forever Dry'. These are catchy lines that would most certainly provoke the interest of a prospective listener.

Have A Good Day!


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2Much2Lose 06-01-2000 11:46 PM

Fezo, magnificently silly topic.

It reminds me of "Romeo and Ethel, The Pirate's Daughter" from the movie "Shakespeare In Love."

My nominees, in chronological order of the canon:

"Lightfoot" becomes "OO OO OOO WHOO HOO HOO"

"The Way I Feel" becomes "Not Afraid to Darn"

"Did She Mention My Name?" becomes "You Don't Eat Soap, Anyhow"

"Back Here on Earth" becomes "Deedlee dum Deedlee Dee"

"Sunday Concert" is a toughy. Perhaps "I've Even Read the Bible"

"SDYS/IFCRMM" becomes "So Now I'll Take the Butts Away"

SSOL becomes "Well Shut My Mouth" (although Fezo's choice is not bad)

ODR becomes "Can't Find No Oats to Eat"

DonQ is another toughy, but I'd suggest "You Can Get Yourself a Honey"

"Sundown" becomes "Don't Include a Lady Barber"

COTS becomes "Kiss You While You Knit"

"Summertime Dream" becomes "His Crew Threw His Balls (to the Sharks)"

"Endless Wire" becomes "Rubbin' the Wrong Girl Right"

DSR becomes "Wily Old Weasels (in Hollowed Out Logs"

"Shadows" becomes "There Goes Another Sandbar" even though it's a better title for a Jimmy Buffet album

"Salute" becomes "Boys Are in the Buff"

"East of Midnight" becomes "They Named a Candy after Her"

I agree with the above suggestions for WFY and Painter.

And lastly, "Songbook" becomes "The Smell of the Beans Comin' Through the Evergreens"

Ouch! With album titles like these, Gord's career would have sunk lower than the Fitz.

GTG. The dustcloud on the edge of town is me.

"And the laughter came too easy for life to pass me by." - SDYS

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fezo 06-02-2000 10:27 AM

2much -

Glad you like silliness! What a great list! Guess I'll have to buy a new copy of "Socks." (The Way I Feel) I've always wondred about that sock verse - guess Gord has himself a silly side, too.

Florian 06-06-2000 11:44 AM

Hi 2Much2Lose,

This is the third time I come back to read your posting, and I must say I love.

Every line is fine humor.

Considering that Warner Bros. changed the title of "SDYS" to "IYCRMM", maybe you should send them your suggestions as well http://www.corfid.com/ubb/wink.gif

fezo 06-12-2000 08:56 PM


Your perfection may have already killed the topic....

I gotta admit - "Well Shut My Mouth" is about as perfect a title as you can do when you consider that GL's thing in life is to be heard.....

Still checking to see if anything can be done to improve on DQ and Sunday Concert - they just don't lend tehmselves to this like the others.

bobo - you do realize that quoting from Uncle Toad is like shooting fish in a barrel - lots of great lines for this. I have no idea where the heck that song came from but I still like it a lot...

2Much2Lose 06-13-2000 04:33 PM


Didn't mean to kill the topic. Many of the albums have other good choices that I would give an "Honorable Mention" for silliness.

I was tempted to list a few of these, but I have decided to hold off for a few days to hear what others might say. I have an alternate nominee for a Sunday Concert title which occurred to me upon reading your last post (aha! a clue), but I will be WFY (and others) to go first.

I'll give some thought to Painter without using Uncle Toad. I also have a suggestion for WFY without polka dots.


"And the laughter came too easy for life to pass me by." - SDYS

fezo 06-14-2000 07:18 AM

2much -

Oh, good. I'll look some more, too, now. You'll have a hard time beating those polka dots.

And something that works without Uncle Toad? I gotta admit - you enjoy a challenge!

fezo 08-09-2000 05:38 PM

Oh, just bringing this to the top to see who else has silly ideas....

potter 11-20-2001 03:54 PM


classicmixdj 11-20-2001 11:02 PM

SD becomes "I love your Spanish Moss"

bobo 11-21-2001 07:58 PM

Ahh - It's been a long time since I've visited the familiar turf of Corfid! It's great to once again bask in the unprecedented wisdom of Fezo - the incomparable one!

Another quick addition to the list:

"The crew threw his balls to the sharks"

A title like that may bring out some shadier Gord fans.

fezo 11-23-2001 09:31 PM


Now THAT you've gotta like!

Also rather like "the unprecedented wisdom of Fezo - the incomparable one!"

Hi, folks - been gone quite a while. Some for lousy reasons - some good. Such as I've now got a third daughter! Carrie Rose is 9 months old today. Not bad for an old guy.

Listening to disc two of Songbook and catching up a little....

Janice 11-24-2001 06:16 PM


Hi stranger. I've been trying to email you for months and the address I had bounced mail back. I was pleased to see this thread come back to the top again and lure you out http://www.corfid.com/ubb/smile.gif We long timers have missed you around here!


fezo 12-04-2001 08:43 PM

Yeah - sorry about that. The link on my web page was outdated and sending mail down a black hole. It's much better now..... You can test it if you'd like... www.stevelasala.com

Janice 12-04-2001 09:45 PM

LOL, via your web page was one of the ways I tried to track you down and received an undeliverable notice -I guess that explains it. I noticed that the address there isn't the same as the one on your recent email. Are they both correct or should I change my address book again? http://www.corfid.com/ubb/smile.gif

fezo 12-07-2001 01:40 PM

Now that depends on what the heck your address book says. I use that steve@stevelasala.com which is just a grabber and puts you on to whatever I have for a real E-mail address. Current real E-mail address is fezo@att.net. Somewhere around April I will change one more time (to get braodband) adn I swear I'll never change the darn thing again.

To think - the phone number at my folks house hasn't changed my entire life! Dates back at least into the 50's.....

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