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Martyn Miles 12-23-2019 07:24 AM

The Complete Singles double CD
I’d put off buying these as, after all, I have all the songs.
Then I noticed a tempting offer on Amazon UK.
The package has just arrived and the remastered recordings are a revelation.

I use an expensive CD player with BBC Monitor speakers.
Now you can hear the ‘space’ around the recordings.

The piano on ‘Love and Maple Syrup’ has always been slightly difficult to
Not now it isn’t...
This is going to be a GL Christmas.

Martyn Miles

paskatefan 12-25-2019 07:01 AM

Re: The Complete Singles double CD
Enjoy it. It's a great collection. Merry Christmas to you & to all the members here who celebrate the holiday (Chanukah for us)!


Andy T. 12-28-2019 02:12 AM

Re: The Complete Singles double CD

Originally Posted by Martyn Miles (Post 192615)

The piano on ‘Love and Maple Syrup’ has always been slightly difficult to

Myself, I never thought it was, this is probably my favourite GL song. The piano hovering around in the background then coming in and reinforcing the melody is one of the things that give this song some heft. Maybe because I listened to it for so many years off of the LP before I got it on CD... and all those listens, made it so I really didn't notice any difference in the way I perceived this latest presentation of it.


Martyn Miles 12-29-2019 08:55 AM

Re: The Complete Singles double CD
Well, Andy T, regarding ‘Love and Maple Syrup’ I have always been more of a record fan than CD.
Many CDs lack the warmth and involvement of a vinyl record. I use a very high quality record playing system.
Having said that, this new Complete Singles is exceptionally good.
People often assess recordings using low quality equipment.
If you buy high quality recordings, then use high quality equipment to listen to them...

Andy T. 12-29-2019 10:01 AM

Re: The Complete Singles double CD
Damn straight, man!

For years I upgraded my vinyl turntable, eventually settling on a higher end Realistic model and then later, a direct drive Audio-Technica unit. I simply don't have the space to have either of them set up to play. While a lot of my vinyl has gone away, I have retained my collection of GL on that format.

As for the this latest CD, I accidentally bought two copies of Complete Singles Set, and gave one of them on to a co-worker who probably didn't appreciate it nearly as much as I did.

Martyn Miles 12-29-2019 02:58 PM

Re: The Complete Singles double CD
I should have added that ‘Love and Maple Syrup’ is also one of my favourite GL songs.
‘Pussy Willows, Cat Tails’ is probably my all-time favourite.

Andy T. 12-30-2019 01:46 AM

Re: The Complete Singles double CD
nice to have a fellow fan of that song. I'm with you on PW,CT as well.. Yarmouth Castle is another underdog UA-era favorite of mine, but there's so many in that era beyond the "hits" (If I Could, Does Your Mother Know, Moutains and however you want to spell her name, Black Day In July, Rosanna, and that song in my quote below...)

Martyn Miles 01-02-2020 11:24 AM

Re: The Complete Singles double CD
‘Pussy Willows, Cat Tails’ is the only GL song I can play on an acoustic guitar.
I was a bass guitar player in my mis-spent youth and can’t quite remember what I
used to play.
It’s all ‘Far away and long ago...’

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