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louisemnnpls 07-03-2007 09:57 PM

A Happy and safe 4th of July to everyone in the U.S., (and anyone else who wants to celebrate it with us!) :)

BILLW 07-03-2007 10:47 PM

Thanks ! Same to you. America's having a birthday please stop by for some cake. We'll leave the light on for you.

Bill :)

RM 07-04-2007 01:03 AM

What kind of cake is it ? Angelfood, I hope.

God Bless America.

SilverHeels 07-04-2007 07:43 AM

hmmm ... as a Brit I guess I better remain in the 'shadows' ... :)

charlene 07-04-2007 09:39 AM

cake? where do i line up??
Happy 4th!!!!!!!!

Germany76 07-04-2007 10:31 AM

Happy 4th of July to all you Americans out there;mentioning cake- Claudia and I spent a very nice afternoon yesterday, with lots of music and some strawberry `gateau`.Today is my son´s birthday and his first one far away from home (sniff). I celebrated the afternoon with Claudia´s gift- the Live in Reno DVD. Needed lots of Kleenex. Take care. Vera

Sundown17 07-04-2007 11:01 AM


Originally posted by SilverHeels:
hmmm ... as a Brit I guess I better remain in the 'shadows' ... :)
Nah, all is forgiven. Come on and join the party, Bru! :)

Happy 4th!


BILLW 07-04-2007 11:49 AM


Originally posted by Sundown17:
Come on and join the party, Bru! :)

Happy 4th!


I agree - we'll save some angelfood for you !

Bill :)

SilverHeels 07-04-2007 12:45 PM

ooooooooooh - thanks!
I was over there last July 4 and attended a re-enactment. I mingled with all 'the Tories' and had a great time. Now if I can find the photos, I'll get some clever Canuck to post them for me ;)
Happy 4th, y'all.

Jennifer 07-04-2007 07:29 PM

Happy 4th of July everyone. Let freedom ring.

Borderstone 07-05-2007 04:52 PM

Just poppin' in here to say,I hope you all had a great Independence Day! ;)

I hung out at my friends' and they had a BBQ chicken dinner and since the live less than a mile from a college,we got to watch fireworks for free! :cool:

Their 6 year old daughter asked,"Who makes fireworks"?
I said,"The Chinese" (I think that's who).
She said back,"I like those "nice cheesy" people! :D LOL!

Don't you just love kids? ;)

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