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StevieRae 07-19-2004 04:18 PM

Any news on when GL will be touring again? I haven't heard much on anything in awhile, and the site I was going to for info has been withdrawn. If anyone has info, please email me.


charlene 07-19-2004 04:26 PM

there's a good possibility of a couple of shows in November/04 in Hamilton as benefits for the McMaster Hospital where Gord was cared for. And hopefully he'll start touring again in spring 2005. He's alluded to such a thing. March/May at Massey would be a good idea....

StevieRae 07-19-2004 04:31 PM

Any news of whether or not he is planning on touring the US? I live in the NW and I don't have a liscense yet, so its kinda hard for me to get around http://www.corfid.com/ubb/smile.gif

charlene 07-19-2004 06:24 PM

no mention of any tour details such as dates/locations....stay tuned...when there's news we'll find out!

Auburn Annie 07-19-2004 07:58 PM

No tour dates set yet - Linus Entertainment, which is handling HARMONY, has a link for tour dates but nothing up yet.

On the other hand, The Hawk (Ronnie Hawkins) is at it again, planning a benefit for flood victims in Peterborough (see http://www.mykawartha.com/ka/news/pe...-2408990c.html ) for the article. Pertinent snippet for us:


"Some big names in the music industry are being tossed around this week for a flood relief concert in Peterborough.

Headed by Ronnie Hawkins and city councillor Terry Guiel, the concert is expected to attract some big names, however no groups have confirmed.

Rumours are circulating that The Tragically Hip could make an appearance and Mr. Hawkins is planning to call in a favour from his old buddy Gordon Lightfoot.

"Just his presence would be inspiring," says Mr. Hawkins, from his Stoney Lake home."


Amen to that <g>

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