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charlene 02-15-2006 08:08 PM

Well, after a five hour eat/drink/shopathon in the Atlanta airport on Saturday I finally made it to my sister's place in Sarasota at 11 p.m.after departing Toronto at 1 p.m.

With fabulous front row - dead centre seats we enjoyed a great show. Gord was a bit 'wispy' at times and a bit quiet but for the most part sounded great. He didn't do much chit-chat but rolled right along into the next song with great gusto. It was a beautiful theatre and completely full.

Photos were not allowed during the show and the camera police were very serious - even as Gord was leaving the stage after his encore! Don't mess with the seniors in Sarasota!

There were many "Snowbirds" from Canada and most were probably from Ontario. Couchiching was warmly received with hoots and hollers.

It's always fascinating to me to attend a Lightfoot concert somewhere other than Massey Hall.....

set list:
Monday Feb.13, 2006 - Sarasota, Florida - Van Wezel Hall

Cotton Jenney
Carefree Highway
Sea of Tranquility
Don Quixote
Make Way For The Lady
Watchman's Gone
Ribbon of Darkness
The Fitz
Alberta Bound


Let It Ride
Spanish Moss
Waiting For You
Never Too Close
Baby Step Back
Old Dan's Records


Early Morning Rain


A shout out for Ponyman was acknowledged but not performed. darn.

The Lightfoot Tribute shows at Hugh's Room in Toronto are coming up on the 24th and 25th. I'm hoping to get down on the 25th to see Jory Nash and Aengus Finnan put on a terrific nights entertainment with so many other talented performers.....perhaps The Man himself might show up again....

Ginny 02-15-2006 11:06 PM

This is really great to hear Char. Sounded like a show that even though "Song For A Winter's Night" wasn't on the set list, after reading your words, one can almost read between the lines upon the page and experience the feeling of it having been included, especially with the reference to the Snowbirds. It gave me a very peaceful feeling and I thank you. Sincerely, Ron Jones.

Sheryl 02-16-2006 12:34 AM

What a beautiful set list. Lots of my favs. We all hang on your every golden word, Charlene!! Thanks!

charlene 02-16-2006 07:49 AM

It would have been very appropriate to hear SFAWN Ron - it was FREEZING in Sarasota!

I did love hearing Make Way For The Lady - what a great song and it seems like the band enjoys playing it

A few days earlier they played over in Boca at an outdoor venue and it was a lovely evening...

My cousin lost some new plantings in her garden on Monday night in Port Charlotte.

I take NO responsibility...

I woke up this morning here in Whitby/Toronto to a couple of inches of snow.....better than the freezing rain they called for....

BILLW 02-16-2006 11:50 AM

Thanks Char !

Bill :)

charlene 05-22-2013 01:34 PM

Re: Sarasota !!
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GeoMan 05-22-2013 03:59 PM

Re: Sarasota !!
Interesting that IYCRMM was in the first set. Is that unusual?


geodeticman.5 05-22-2013 10:01 PM

Re: Sarasota !!
Thanks for the great run-down on the Sarasota concert, Char. Thoughtful and informative as usual. :clap:

geodeticman.5 05-23-2013 02:44 AM

Re: Sarasota !!
Snow and freezing temperatures in May in Florida! This freakish meterological aberration is a portent of the well-known to be the genuine factoid of the imminent Zombie Apocalypse, foretold far and wide throughout the land; I'm sure of it ;)

I'd of liked to have heard "Make Way For the Lady" in that concert, among all the others of course. That's been an unusual one of his that I've always especially liked. I always thought it could have potentially done more on the radio, if released as, and produced as a single, versus DSR (the song's) bid, at least on the radio in Colorado. DSR is a beautiful song too, and loved by so many.

By comparison though, for a hit potential that year anyway, DSR tends to be mildly repetitive on the refrain for my taste, and somewhat limited in scope, and depth of lyrical metaphors, etc., IMO only. I'm really trying to say "Make Way for the Lady" was an even better song.

DSR has the rich layering in harmony so characteristic of a great many of Gord's hits, notably in the 70's, where of most occurred. But the recording technique of his own voice-over-voice harmony in DSR seems to be a hallmark of many of the single-release hit bids on the radio in the 70's, with Sundown, Daylight Katy, DSR, and Carefree Highway coming to mind strongly where that technique is so predominant, and adds so much richness to the songs, making use of Gord's harmony training and experience, both formally, and in the older barbershop days - practically.

Rather than say that DSR (the song), which so many love as a favorite, tends (to me) to be tad repetitive on the refrain; I'd rather emphasize my point: on the same album, "Make Way for the Lady", while a little jazzy for devotees of his more classic Lightfoot folk-rock style, is a remarkable song, with great depth in lyricism, heavily laced in metaphor and some spiritual thoughts that are expressed, which, if I had to guess, unfortunately in today's world, probably scared the producer's away from marketing it as a single. It could have been -gasp- interpreted by some as having a Christian influence, which, since Lightfoot did not fall into the "Christian"music fold, nevertheless was raised in a Presbyterian Church,and has sung of spiritual, if not fully religious lyrics per se throughout his career, here and there anyway.

I would maintain some are even outright prayers, such as "Too Late For Praying", a remarkably poignant and beautiful song. It's laced with questions imbedded in it though that would detracted from it being thought of as a "Religious" song, (probably its saving grace in marketing exec's eyes) but may have been nixed from its single potential to,o for what I am only guessing could be the same reason.

In the song "Make Way For the Lady", he even refers to the "Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost'. Them there's ree-ligious lyrics goll-dern it,and in secular music, I'd imagine such lyrics scared them away from what I think was a possible hit, even if in jazz. or early vestiges of adult contemporary.

Great song. that's all I wanted to say, with much more potential than it reached. Who really knows why? I always loved it, and yes, I find it comforting sometimes. My tastes do not run to Christian music proper, secular music is my bag. But if Cat Stevens' "Morning Has Broken" - (from The hymn [that]originally appeared in the second edition of Songs of Praise {published in 1931, to the tune "Bunessan", composed in the Scottish Highlands.})(-Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morning_Has_Broken) can be a hit, and striclty-speaking be a *at least* religous song,and have it produced into a hit, I am saddened that among Lightfoot's many beautiful songs, "Make Way For the Lady" might have been too overtly religous.

ANYHOO - I'd of loved ot hear it in the concert. Religous or not, a great song

JimJ 05-23-2013 04:53 PM

Re: Sarasota !!
Thanks, Charlene. We're looking forward to seeing Gord in Asheville NC at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in a couple of weeks. Always interesting to see how the set lists are and if they vary. We're fourth row center if any snowbirds are in attendance.
Jim J.
Raleigh NC

charlene 05-23-2013 05:08 PM

Re: Sarasota !!

Originally Posted by GeoMan (Post 181897)
Interesting that IYCRMM was in the first set. Is that unusual?


from the tour schedules/setlists in 2006 it seems he sang it in the first half until may.

BILLW 05-24-2013 11:59 AM

Re: Sarasota !!
Hi Char,

Got those pictures back from the drugstore didja? Bet they looked at you funny with your 7 year old receipt. I think I still have a suit in the dry cleaners from 2006 so I shouldn't really talk.

Thanks for posting those - good to see Terry,

Bill :)

charlene 05-24-2013 12:13 PM

Re: Sarasota !!
LOL! I had them all along but didn't realize they weren't posted with this thread.. Seems SO long ago!!!!!

geodeticman.5 05-28-2013 01:50 AM

Re: Sarasota !!
I thought I should clarify my post on the song from the Sarasota concert "Make Way For The Lady", from the DSR album. I have a bad feeling I went off-topic on the thread too far, and also may also have mistakenly lent the impression that I was presumptuously "evaluating" The Man, and his lyrics as to being "Christian". Nope. Whether they are, or he is is none of my business. Not the point of my post either. Just saying that once in awhile, I think he writes some lyrics that might draw from his faith, or other's he envisions, such as our windmill-tilting friend from Cervantes' Don Quixote.

I don't take to Christian music as a genre myself, but I also would not want to offend those out there who do like it. Just no reason why in a secular tune, Lightfoot can't make reference once in awhile to the fact that he simply has some lyrics and thoughts about faith and such. There's no prosthelytizing there.

His lyrics meaning are a matter of opinion of course, except where Gord's been quoted on them, such as in his Songbook booklet, or in concert, etc.elsewhere. All in the mind of the listener, and I certainly was not attempting to elicit opinion on the many ways one might interpret any religous,or spiritual meaning in his songs with such possible lyrics.

I did do that once or twice in years past in corfid, and regretted it, in no big fashion, but enough to not want to emphasize that again. When I did, it struck a chord it seemed, that is generally accepted by most people of faith that I know, because it is for them (and for me) a very private subject, one I don't care to trot-out for public opinion. One I have the impression that Lightfoot doesn't care to either. I just hear enough (myself) in his music to be able to simply relate to it. No more, no less.

It is curious to note on 'Make Way..." that in the Songbook booklet, Gord speaks of at least two possible meanings, one being that of a father, attempting to hand advice on love down to his son. The other he states as roughly being that of a man looking for security in himself via a woman's love, and a little more detail. Ironic that he adds after both, that in the long-run, neither case has proven to work for him.

Most curious to me in my tangential reference to what may or may not be anything to do with Gord's own spirituality at all, and what may lay to rest any question of what he meant to emphasize in the song "Make Way..." is the fact that in neither interpretation does he even refer in the booklet to his intent in singing "Shake hands with the father, the son and the holy ghost The impossible believers and the heavenly host . I won't presume him to be rolling this into either the "advice from a father to son" possible meaning, and to add faith to it (his advice), nor does he state any religous intent, despite the seemingly obvious reference to the Trinity, in the other possible explanation of seeking security in one's self through a woman's love.

In the booklet, references to the song, by virtue of omitting any discussion of the "Trinity" reference, might be that he no more presumes to convey any personal advocacy in belief in the Orthodox Trinity as a spiritual concept, than does he intend the listener to presume his lyrics here to represent any statement about the Trinity per se in either of the two meanings Gord offers for the song. In other words, he's not even attempting to explain the Trinity reference at all, which he doesn't need to. Its not Christian music, its not meant to be, and any meaning in the reference to the Trinity in the song, in absence of explanation, is meant only to be interpreted in the mind of the listener, as he so often has stated is his wish in general; that we take from it what we may, much as an art afficionado's indivual interpretation of a painting, with no convenient absolutes given by the artist to the viewers.

Some people might chose to interpret some of his lyrics as "grazing" the outer edges of at least spirituality, while many others do not, all respected matters of opinion to me. Only Gord knows what he really meant by such lyrics as I mentioned in a few songs including "Make Way For The Lady", except for when he does comment here and there on short overviews of his songs' "meaning", which he of course has expressed that he would rather we chose to interpret them in our own way on most songs. Surely not matters to state as fact, as to presume intent in his meaning by me at all, nor what I meant to convey as my main point.

WHICH WAS: primarily: I think "Make Way For The Lady" simply had strong hit potential. One thing I think is common to many of his hits, where the very popular "voice-over-his own voices" harmony treatment is employed so well. I can't help but wonder: if such production resources had been employed, they might have made "Make Way For The Lady" a hit. I only lack Lightfoot's talent to know if that would have worked well on MWFTL. In fact, far be it for me to speculate on that which I know not, and he does, LOL

No matter what church he was raised in (which is meaningless, and none of my business, only a fact in his bio), nor the fact that some lyrics of Gord's might be interpreted as possibly spiritual, are grounds for speculating if some of his songs might elicit possible interpretation as "religous" by producers, or whether those possible interpretations of "Make Way For The Lady"might have hindered the song's strong hit potential in any way on the DSR album. I meant that as a tangential "I wonder if THAT might have scared the producers away" factor only, and did not mean to present it as fact, and especially not as the thesis of my point. Again, I don't even remotely know if such differences would have made it a "hit". Far more important than that possibility is the fact that he did it the way he wanted to, and it is a damned good song.

I just really dig that song, a LOT. Pure and simple. I had just bought the album when I was just starting to fall in love with my wife, on a Sunday afternoon rainy-day drive down to Fort Collins, where I found the album DSR as a new release on the shelves of a small record store, in that small college-town, where I first went to college, and had also seen Gordon in concert in '75 - at Colorado State. What a fantastic concert BTW. I took Merry back up to Estes Park for dinner, then later went home from what was about our 4th date, floating on cloud-nine. I was at a cross-roads in my life that day in that regard, (getting serious again). As I listened to the whole album, I was so enthused over Gord's seemingly renewed very positive outlook (as I perceived it) in the up-beat sounding music of DSR, and its timely and fitting appearance on the shelves on a very key day for me. A day I made a really big conscious choice in my mind regarding my then wife-to-be, to give it a go.

I liked the album, and the song MWFTL both so much (no doubt further enhanced by my ecstatic mood over the date) that I even said out-loud, (while listening in big old heavy deep-bass Koss very good headphones): "YESSSS, way to go Gordon" to the song "Make Way For The Lady". It hit home at that moment in the song where he sings "you can do it my son". It was the lyrics in that song that caused me to reflect on my newly-developing relationship with Merry, to the point that I could take a chance again, and let loose, and "I could do it". I could risk falling for a lady again, and not be a little ( OK a lot) scared of taking that risk of giving it a go with her beyond the infatuation level, which were my slightly sophomoric feelings thus far, evolving from "damn, she is so cool, so nice, so beautiful, and I got so burned last time"; changing to "I can do it again" (take the risk) of letting my guard down. Such personal meaning in that song for me, because of that moment of actual decision-making, to "go for it".

Isn't it amazing, how many of us have said in a similar vain that Gord's lyrics and music have been a sort of soundtrack to our lives in-progress, as in "how does he know that about me?". "Make Way For The Lady", and those lyrics were just enough to push me over the edge; the good edge.

That's why I really love that song that I noticed was in the Sarasota concert of this thread.

Damn, I dig that song, I really do. That's all I meant to say in my previous post, "Sundown"-style harmony, and a remote possibility of Warner-Reprise studio execs' imagined thoughts of mine about fans' perception of that being a slightly religous song versus hit-potential private theories notwithstanding, LOL.

And the hoot of it is: after all my guessing on how that songs' fascinating lyrics might have effected it's being chosen, advanced, and produced as a potential single, turns out - it was. In the songbook booklet, "Make Way For The Lady" was released as a single. Oh well. There goes the whole shootin' match on my thinking. So much for my theories. ;)

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