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Borderstone 12-21-2017 10:29 PM

Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!
As the title implies, I haven't done a Rock & Roll Hall post here in years.

Didn't seem to be as interesting in recent years,
despite acts that I thought should have been in long ago finally getting their due.

This year and from what I just found out today, I had too.

If you haven't heard already, the big news of course is THE MOODY BLUES. Yes! After existing for nearly 54 years (next year) and having been eligible since 1989 (28 years!), they are finally going to the head of the class . :cool:

They waited longer than any BIG group I can think of.

Also to be inducted :

Dire Straites - Right on! Only 4 hits but that hardly matters.

Bon Jovi -
I know what some of you 'might' be thinking but I'm happy about it.

The Cars - Kind of split on this. I liked their stuff from
1978-1984...on the other hand, they got musically lazy from 1985 to 1987

Nina Simone - I own her only top 40 hit , "I Loves You, Porgy"
but I'm not sure how she applies. Happy for her just the same.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Truly, I have no idea who she is. Anyone??

That's all folks, The Moody's are finally where they should have been all along. :) Um....does that mean 'all' the biggies of the '60s are in now?? .....let me know.

Been Borderstone and ........YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :D

Andy T. 12-23-2017 08:07 AM

Re: Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!
Thanks for the post, I've been a Moodies fan nearly as long as I've been a Gord fan (heck, while I've seen Gord in concert like 20 times now, I saw the Moodies live before any of those GL shows) and I had absolutely no idea that this finally happened. :biggrin:

As a Moodies fan my favorite "classic era" member was Mike Pinder, his keyboard playing and his songs, while not commercial in the way that John and Justin's were, were still "deep" in a good way and to me, kind of the heart of the band early on. I totally understand and respect his wanting to no long be a touring musician and how that led him to leave the band. But I do hope that both Mike and Ray come out of retirement for the induction. I don't know if Mike even has a real Mellotron anymore but I'm darn sure he has the samples in some kind of keyboard. (the Mellotron was, after all, one of the first sample playing keyboards, you just didn't record the samples yourself, but bought sets of prerecorded tapes from the manufacturer - and Mike had worked as a QC tech in the Streetly Factory prior to coming to the Moodies, so he knew the device in a way that probably no one else did, which is probably the only reason they made it work on tour, as it was never really intended as anything other than a home/studio device.. and man did he know how to get the most out of it)

Dave, Melbourne,Australia 12-25-2017 04:52 PM

Re: Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!
I agree that The Moody Blues were long overdue for that recognition. I got into them after someone put me onto them in 1981. The first album I bought was "Octave" and I especially liked the song "Driftwood". I remembered years earlier when "Nights in White Satin" was a huge hit around Australia and overseas. I saw them in concert two or three times. Justin Hayward did a solo tour of Australia in October this year.

And the late Nina Simone was also deserving of the honour. A unique, soulful voice and excellent songwriter and musician. I'm not sure which of her songs got the biggest airplay, but around 1987 "My Baby Just Cares for Me" became a huge hit after being used for a perfume commercial.

Borderstone 12-29-2017 10:16 PM

Re: Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!
Hey Andy. :) Sorry for the delayed response but you are welcome for the news.

Always be a mystery to me why the 'Hall' waited so long. I understand why they wouldn't let KISS in, because the guy responsible for that simply hated the band. (They got in finally of course).

As for the Moody's , I'm just glad I wont
have to keep posting on other sites about it anymore.

To Dave, I first heard them on an oldies station in the 80s here in
Phoenix, AZ (KOOL 94 FM) , which now is more of an 80s/90s station and a 'little' 70s.

The song? "Ride My See Saw" :)
(Which I then thought was called, "Why Must She Saw?" :D LOL!)

Affair on Touhy Ave. 12-30-2017 07:48 PM

Re: Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!
Don't really care one way or another who gets. in.

It's called the R&R Hall Of Fame but not everyone is a rock artist.

It should probably change its name to the Music Hall Of Fame.

So such arguing who should get in and can we really expect everyone to?

Andy T. 12-31-2017 06:45 AM

Re: Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!
Well, I was thinking a little about what I posted above and realized there was a point I might make that I neglected. I mentioned that among the Moody Blues I was a fan of Mike Pinder, but some might point a finger at him for their not having made the R&R Hall of Fame earlier... it was a certain amount of "pretentiousness" that was a common criticism of the band, and Mike's contributions were somewhat the center of this kind of content.

Still, I'm glad this finally did happen. And yeah, Music Hall of Fame might be a better title for it.

JBG 12-31-2017 11:12 AM

Ten Degrees (F) And Getting Colder
That is the forecast temperature for Times Square at the time of the ball drop. Can we get Gordon to sing it live?

Borderstone 01-01-2018 05:11 PM

Re: Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!
I think the best way to look at the overall picture of the 'rock and
roll hall of fame', is to go back to why Rock and Roll came about in the first place.

I like jazz and big band and the adult contemporary pre-rock music, so no offense to them but the most popular of music by the early 1950s had been around a long time. 30 years or more.

I think even the select newbies to the industry then, knew something had to change. Rock and Roll ( R & B as it was from in the first place) was the answer. To the adults, it was a threat. sinful and most didn't want their kids listening to 'jungle' music.

The established acts were certainly threatened
as well, knowing this could be the end of their long careers.

The kids and artists seemed to be on the same page and this really looked like rebellion against the norm. That's what every great artist from 1955 to now is all about. Not doing 'exactly' what's expected, not selling out to just sell records and top 40 'hits' , but to be unique and individuals.

The Moody Blues certainly fit that, pretentious or not. It no longer matters if it's 'actual' 'Rock and Roll' , what matters is that the bands and people that get in, fit the meaning behind it.....individuals, unique in artistry, highly creative and just overall differing from what some may call 'sell out' acts or 'flash in the pan' acts. A few hits and then they're over.

The Carpenters (for example) are not 'Rock and Roll' but Richard Carpenter found an electric guitar player to play a solo on Goodbye To Love and in that, invented (unknowingly) the Power Ballad. Not to mention his unique production work and musicianship. (They didn't have 20 hits for nothing.)

No one will ever 100% agree on the acts that get inducted but I can only hope their not just drawing them out of a hat. I'd be ecstatic if The Carpenters got in, just like I was for ABBA.

Take a look at the acts year by year and I think we can actually find at least 'some' reason they made it. The simplest 2 reasons...what I stated above and, on a personal level, we all know the names of these acts 20, 30 and more years later.

They did make their permanent mark.


How about The Recording Artists Hall Of Fame? :cool:

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