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Nightingale 02-19-2009 12:20 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Hi formerlylavender :)
I am sorry you didn't get to experience the special love that grandmothers can give you...nothing else quite like it on earth. :)
I was blessed to have her. She opened my eyes to the wonders of the world at a very young age. It's a gift that I have never lost and it's one of the most precious that she ever gave me.
Yes, finding her information was meant to be. I think their was a divine hand in their somewhere. :)

Italian grandmothers...lol...I have an Italian friend that I love to visit. Her mom and grandma used to cook everything under the sun for me when I would come to see them.
I loved them so much....even though they only spoke Italian and I only spoke English, we always knew what the other was getting at...lol.

luv4lightfoot 02-19-2009 12:51 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Originally Posted by geodeticman.5 (Post 148807)
Thank you Patti - I try very hard to not let medical this'n-thats preeed me anymore, but your reponse was very very kind, Thank you so much,

Are the same Patti who asked about the trunks contents of my grandfathers ?

You're by-name looks different than 'Patti' who talked in Lyrics, ?

Doin O0K today 2 :)

Glad to hear from you, and yes I am the same Patti who lalked in Lyrics. I was getting worried about you. So are you going to write a tween movie? :) Also, did you learn anything new about NASA over the weekend? All I know is that the sky looks a little different than it did a few years ago. Big secrets up above.

geodeticman.5 02-20-2009 03:38 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Originally Posted by luv4lightfoot (Post 148819)
Glad to hear from you, and yes I am the same Patti who lalked in Lyrics. I was getting worried about you. So are you going to write a tween movie? :) Also, did you learn anything new about NASA over the weekend? All I know is that the sky looks a little different than it did a few years ago. Big secrets up above.

OK, 'tseeer: Patti = luv4lightfoot, luv4lightfoot = Patti. I get it !

No worries Patti on day to day ...events in the category I swoar I'd not bore ppl with anymore....( medical ) lol

Naw I was just kidding about the tween movie, I said that 'cause I thought the thing of mystery around it 'The Case of the Locked Trunk" - might make a good Hardy Boys book, With Reserved, clean- cut father 'Fenton W. Hardy, if memory serves lol.... those were actually a fun series when I had a pre-teen mind. I just finished ''em yesterday a hahahha j/k

Also - 'The Case of the Locked Lower Right Desk Drawer' - that would fit in well too, wouldn't it ? Fentow W's desk, should he pass, the boys had standing instructions to open that drawer, entrusted with the key.
One day their friend 'Chet Morton' (I can't believe I remember that !) gets the key, looks in the desk, find diagrams of space - ( ) and area - ( ) in the Nevada desert , and $( ) cash - enough to take the ( ) info, pull up stakes and light a shuck for N.Y. - where the boys were told to tell the N.Y Times that it was true, and here is proof, that ( ) + ( )
were true ! Unbelievable ! Except, Chet attempts to open the drawer, puzzled over the fact that key teeth-up vs key teeth-down should be a 50/50 chance, except when he tried a key, it was ALLWAYS the wrong side up/down ! - Except in the time it took Chet to mull this paradox over, Angry Men in Black Suits came in, standing silently behind the portly-puzzled Chet (which was most of the time ! a lololol) was talking out-loud to himself (he was told by Fenton W. that that was OK, as long was he did not hear voices back), but this time, one of the oddly uniform-looking men, aknost out OF A MOLD said "Sorry kid, this time its curtains for your little plan with the key" Chet whirled around, saw they bad men from the warehouse district, which was a portentious omen if anything was... and he dove out of the propped-open window of the Mysterious Shed on the Coast, and he did a 230 ft. triple-lindy down into the black waves of Port Kindfolk, swam to the restored boat that Fenton worked on with the boys on weekends to keep them out of bad things, like 7-11 and McDonalds, and Chet managed, despite his slightly rotund (!) not-so athletic but good natured (!) physique, he was able to pull himself into the boat, dripping wet, and Luck-be-a-lady the Key-to-the-Boat in the Ignition, the boat, known up and down the port area, named 'Sleuth' (I can't believe I remember that), spar-varnished Teak beaty that it was, roared to life, and he took off, towards where his Yellow deuce coop was parked, but instead, he saw he was being chased - by a black boat ! (next chapter).

You mean that kind of tween's movie ? lol Actually, that was all a spoof of what I am amazed was the format of almost every 'Hardy Boys' book I ever read (I had them all). I wonder of kids still read those. I have a feeling they are reading 'The Godfather' by age 9 now.

Thanks for the concern Patti - but I never made it up to Longmont. Simply put, some days my eyes don't permit me to drive, for reasons that would violate my informal promise to stop talking medical. I was really disappointed, too, because I REALLY wanted to know what was in the lower right hand drawer. !!!! I'm thinking area-51, proof of alien life, you name it, Elvis is alive and is playing in a Polka Band in Parma, Ohio - SOMETHING AMAZING ! lol oh-well - I'll try next weekend. I'll keep you in suspense one more round of posts, then I'll tell you what I found in the trunk when i was nmmm, about 21. THAT was the basis for the Goonies- type movie I meant lol ..... I treally DID have some VERY interesting things in it, no surprise for a Deputy U.S. Postal Inspector who had hair-raising duty in WWII , and after, in the postal re-contruction my grandfather did. Yea, the trunik had some real puzzles in it, and some vintage items.......I'll tell you next time and hopefully will have the desk open by then , too. Maybe you will be reading front-page news about it if the Angry Men in Black Suits get to me..... Maybe I should have my Swiss Army knife I call 'champ' with me, to get out of a car trunk, McGyver-style ! lol...... CU later.... .....and 'Sleuth' the boat.... lol

jj 02-20-2009 10:05 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
I'll have an order of codeine rich cough syrup...this flu thing has had me hackin' 3 entire nights...good news is i won't have to do any stomach crunches for the next month (not that this was part of the original agenda) ...bottoms up

luv4lightfoot 02-20-2009 01:37 PM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
I understand Steve is hoping for meaningful thoughts from you of any kind; Lightfoot or not. And in keeping with that, here is a thought on my mind all day:

... I hope my youngest son is doing well. He moved to Missouri 2 1/2 weeks ago. I just shipped down a package of some things that I had gathered up around the house, that he might like to have. I kind of miss him once in a while.

Geo-steve, yes, I am the same Patti that held a great-grandfathers pocket watch from a center desk drawer, tried on glasses that just happened to be the same strength as mine, ...(my grandfather didn't wear glasses, so I'm pretty sure they belonged to my grandma's dad.) I felt some type of a good connection back then somehow, just knowing that we were related and even though I never met him, it was just nice to be able to do that. They got the place in 1901.

I hope you find something good in that right hand desk drawer from your dad, ... what could it be? An alien? I know there are guys racing around for rocks and minerals all the time. Do you think it has to do with nasa? Or maybe some personal item? Just having his desk back must be nice too. That's good they found it.

Strange, but right after I heard about the desk, my mom brought up the subject of that violin, (actually fiddle)and told me that my brother (one of my brothers) has it at his place. So, as it turns out, my sister (one of my sisters) didn't sell it... Still, it's missing.

btw, it was my Dad that played the harmonica, and I have him on cassette.

timetraveler 02-20-2009 11:47 PM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Originally Posted by geodeticman.5 (Post 148752)
Bottom line opener for the thread: you can skip the rest of my longer writing just after this, and post something on your mind amongst friends - Lightheads, talk about anything, friendly, good taste, and enjoyment of company to share thoughts with. - 'geo'-steve

More on the same, or skip it if you want:

Hey guys. I caught myself enjoying so much writing of, and listening to nostalgic memories, old pictures, unlocked drawers in desks found 6 years later, hearing of green boxes with the key found elsewhere , and everyone comparing what they found in their grandfather's or father's desks ! Thats just for starters !

My main motivation is I started occupying so much of the space in lyrics quizzers, we couldn't see the game entries for the long replies from me ! - From the modest posts from others.

Please join me in posting absolutely whatever is on your mind. Quite often one given thought - such as "I found a War Medal my father never spoke of", or- I am having such a &^%&*(* Day I don't know but what I am going to burst ! LOL , or I was real down, until I logged in, and somebody had posted a PM to me, it gave me the lifted spirits to continue my work...... Things like those , and anything that strikes you as worth sharing with others.

I really like the idea of a thread where metaphorically you can picture going into a coffee shop, or what have you, sit down, and share interesting stories that may not quite warrant a thread, but fit just right in here no matter how short they may be, or how much 'bending an ear you need to get through a rough spot in the week, or day, and chat about whatever strikes you.

All things are open for discussion in here, including inspiring quotes, or stories.

All I ask is that we follow the normal stds. of decency and good taste that is normally expected of us elsewhere in all of Corfid, and envision Florian, Char, and yes, The Man - Gordo, sitting on our shoulders and listening, too.
Otherwise stated - if we follow the golden rule in here, and we share such great storied that started unfolding in Lyrics quizzers, where we left off - lets continue ! Even poking your head in and typing - 'Hi guys - you have a good day !' - seems like a very flexible environment to do so in.

I look forward to exchanging thoughts, and just listening sometimes, if thats what you need...... :)

We can, but don't need to talk about Gordon, I can see some rambling thoughts unfolding about his music as a subject, but by no means a pre-requisite. The only prerequisite is wanting to talk, to listen, or do both, and help foster a warm friendly place to sit in the deep leather recliners in here by the fire, (work with me here and just picture it lol ) and share.

Think of it as a 'Holodeck' - if you know what that is - and walking into a little bagels and coffee place, and finding a sympathetic ear, or being one. If thats not enjoyable, I don't know what is. Also lately, the talk ran high as Gord would say in Lyrics Quizzers, which I am trying to transport to here, on musteries of putting together family notalgia found in center desk drawers and little boxes. I *really* look fwd to talking about that, and anything that strikes you.

We could even (maybe) democratically consider saying - I (geo-steve) just came in as of 1:30 pm. and am hanging out for maybe 15 minutes, so others can refresh their screens, and know I or anyone else is in here. Is it a good idea ? Yes/No/Maybe lol ? - Tak to you later. Or listen ;)

Your thoughts on what this thread could be should be are welcome too !

Sounds like you have a good idea there. Very interesting one actually.

luv4lightfoot 02-21-2009 12:04 PM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
I like the idea too.

Hey Nightingale, I liked reading about your grandmother. That is good you got to find out some things about her. There seems to be thoughts, places, info., etc. that make the grandchildren connected somehow. My maternal grandmother was one of twins, and boy and a girl. Their mother died when they were 14. My grandma lived with her aunt, but they didn't get along. Once, I saw my grandmas braids that she kept. She cut them off when she ran away. Later, she got married and had 15 kids.

luv4lightfoot 02-21-2009 12:38 PM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
She raised them on an island in Lake Superior. Some of the children died when they were young. That must have been terribly painful for the family. I used to go to the island alot to visit grandma and grampa when I was younger. I always loved being there. I always felt loved and cared for.My grandpa died when I was in grade school and my grandma died when I was 17. I only went to the island a few times after that. In 2003, I went camping there. I felt so good to be there again, and I loved hearing the waves coming in at night. Now, I'm missing that place again.

luv4lightfoot 02-21-2009 02:57 PM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Just thought this might fit in here somewhere.

geodeticman.5 02-23-2009 03:55 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
OK hi guys here's one of those talk about anything posts I figured on too. I enjoybed your posts - all of them , and the last couple , Nightingale and luv4lightfoot - very interesting. If this thread lasts, I'll betcha that (don;t beat me up now, its onnly a guess) - we''ll see that woman will tedn to talk about relationships. whereas men tend to shy from that. men like to talk about, from my experience, well all told everything too, but I think men tend to have talk run along lines of things - not in the materialistis sense - but things they work on everyday, not intentionally necessarily - like when my 'dear' -oof- mother-in law was helping Mery make candles. When Merry reached the point where she needed to pout-out some excess hot wax, my mother-in-law (that means the law says I have to be nice to her lol) suggested pouring it down the sink. Now here we have the sometimes-true-not allways case in point of HOW guys think of things - if I had been there I would have said 'Oh no God no - do know what that would do to the garbage disposal and p-trap or j-trap under it ? aaaag but while Merrry and Marg were pouring it carefree down the sink, not surprisingly it came to Merry first "do you know what that will do when it cools down in the garbage disposal and the pipe things under neath ? it'll turn solid..... it occurred to her in fact just after she did it.

Marg went quickly home as it was getting time for me to get home from work, and she feared what would ensue - she thinks all men are the mean nasty shouting S.O.GEEZ theres a breez in hear, isn't there ? - like my father-in law is....he truly is a mean man - and I don;t talk that way of ppl hardly ever - he's made all 5 childrens life miserable - telling his 52 and 55 yr old son - here is how they have to build there fence or deck, etc.- and they FEAR him. He exploits this tactic. Well its been proven long ago in studies that fear is a failry workable short-term motivator with bad side effects, and a terrible long-term motivator, and positive reinforcement is a good long term motivator with some rather neutral results at first.

Well I got home,and Merry was like Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke show - she was talking nonsense for about a minute then broke into tears just like the show, and said 'steve...oh..steve I heated that and then I didn;t know and then I pourd it and we ewre making and the3n it was down there and I thought oh no.... what have I done I am so sorru Ohhhhohhhh 'wait aminute honey, slow down a bit, you were making what? 'candles......' soooo you qwere...melting hot wax....thinking to myself oh no... but said 'ok thats meant did you make some I can see with a wiock andall ? 'Yes...but......."sshhhshh its ok so then what?' 'Well we were heating and then we were poutring it anmf/' ' and I did the time out handsignal, and said slow down, one thing at a time. Why don;t you simply tell me what is was you are worrying about (allready thinking of the $350 we have left in checking and the phone and electric bill left for the month....) 'well...... I...II i I POURED HOT WAX but mom was Mom saod, or suggested it ,she said - whydon;t you poor down the hot wax down the sink' 'sssssssso so yyyyyou uhm.... poured a little wax ? -

forced grin-' 'NO it was alot, in a saucepan..... 'OKKKKK, uhm uhm its ok honey, uhm,,,,,I'll bet you poured it down the left side of th e sink right ' 'NOOOOO boo-hoooo I poured it down the GARBARGE DISPOSAL THERE. i SAID IT. AN i AM SOO SORRY i DID NOT KNOW i DIDN;T THINK i DID WHAT MOM SAID.. i../.' 'SHHS SHHHH ITS ok ok o k (mentally adding up the hatdwarestore trip fix and the worst position to fix things in - crouching on your folded knees, on your feet, where your knees never ever open again...... and I added up $110 or so in my mind , picturing a j-bend 1 1/4" thick candle-cane, under a waxed-solid disposal.) - its ok honey - I' know how to fix it.... ' i CAN TAKE some extra typing in - Joe has a tape I can typor uo - thats probably $40 ! will that cover it?" "well - lets not worry abou tthat until we get there - takin in the typing if you can swing it would be great, thank you Honey" -

I looked and poked, probed, flashlight in one hand, a 3-watt luxon LED multi led light - (things,see ?) and in the ither hand my trusty Leatherman, and a wire cote hangar. Just for s's and g;g I tried the switch - rmmmmmmmmmmmmmunh. 'well it seems to have cooled off honey - thats good huh >' 'you're just being nice - you probably want tosay how stupid that i was, and how mad you are and we cant afford it right > boo ohooo -she knew i didn't talk that way to her hardly EVER....she was buying sympathy but truly felt bad,....lol....' 'no no no accidents happen.

Remember when our best friends Mike N Pam - they let their kids play with a bleach spray bottle, and we JUST had had deep forest green carpeting installed in the re-model ? and it ,made the big white spot ? AAnd they did not offer to pay ? These things hapenn. Its ok honey. Besides - its friday night, and I can think about going to the hardware store you know I love that ruh ruh ruh Tim Allen noises to make her laugh.
nope 'BOO HOOOO I've wrecked your whole weekend and probably your back wil go out again...and (I was thinkin - no, my knees and neck) and I've just runied everything I know (lip quivering) so i tried a reverse expected response to shake her out of it and make her laugh... '" Yeah guess you did ruin absolutely everything - the whole house, the cars, Mamie will grow up bad now,, and I'll turn into a sterno drinking squeeze case- and we'll live in a refrigerator box..lol..."

- and she put her hands on her hips arms akimbo (that;s the only time that word is used, isn't it - a mad woman) 'very funny ha ha ha - then she did laugh... and I wrecked my knees and back and it cost $150 dollars.... and took all weekend with dad - on the phone telling mr which color wire went where..... and I tried to do the joke on the phone with dad like I had a bomb and did not know whether to cut the blue or red wire - and the house would go up.....-and dad said 'quit messin around steve the Broncos are on..... just put the darn green wire......etc so -I got fresh Christmas cookies from merry out of the deal- my grandmas famous heart-attack recipe, and all was well. Meery was very polite to me that weekend - and I soaked up the attention = ooohh my back - merry can you get 'Some more ice -sure sweety and do you want another cookie" etc....

So that only partially illustrated very few aspects of my thesis , but what the heck. I read gear catalogues over the best tent and the best pack and rope to buy (back then) , now I read pocket watch and knife and leatherman collectors things, and maps maps maps.... whereras merry would tend to read the Woman's home stuff and how to get sympathy when you;ve poured hot wax down the disposal" magazines. And ten things men do;t like to hear when they get home. And ten re4asons why they better listen or you'll sock it to em lol !


jj hope your throat or cough gets better watch that codine or youll turn into a dope fiend and sit in a cirner rocking back and forth lol naaaw
thats all for now. I gotta figure out how to eat right now that merry is gone. I eat junk and heat-up microwave things - i don;t know how to cook. cu all later,

geodeticman.5 02-23-2009 04:23 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Originally Posted by Nightingale (Post 148813)
Anyway, the older children decided to stay in Kansas and try and keep the farm going but sent my grandmother, and two of her sisters, back to Indiana to live. They were taken in by relatives and friends of the family.
My grandmother got married fairly young. Her first pregnancy was twins, born with physical problems that resulted in their death. One died at birth, the other seven months later.
Her husband died a year after my mom was born. He was only 44...grandma was in her late thirties. He left a family of four children for her to care for. Their farm was small but apparently adequate to keep them alive.
She never dated or remarried in all those years and she lived to be 87.

Anyway, it was so strange and touching to read all of the details of her life. Some of it I knew in sketchy terms, but most was new information for me.

I don't know why, but I cried for a long time after I read her story. I think I just remember how cheerful and strong she always seemed to be.
Now that I am a woman, I wonder how she got through all of those lonely years without her husband. It must have been hard to raise the kids and not have any support or anyone to lean on.

Nightingale - wow... you mother must have been a very very strong woman.
tending 4 children AND tending a farm enough to eat....goodGOD... that is the fiber Anerica is made of...oo woopswI can't remember if you are Canadian lol.....and thats the roughage Canada is made of ! = - you know - the healthy thing thing,,, fiber..., roughage, well, I guess you can't have moral roughage lol as Roseann Roseannadanna said 'Never Mind'

Nightingale 02-24-2009 12:29 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Hi Patti,
Loved hearing about your grandmother , too. 15 children!!!! I can't even imagine that. She must have been a very busy lady.

Your island sounds nice. I have no doubt it's a special place and that it is peaceful and full of memories for you. Sounds like you love it very much there.

I hope your son is happy in his new home. It's hard when you miss them. I hope he keeps in touch with you.

Love the America video...such a great song and perfect for our thread.

Nightingale 02-24-2009 12:36 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Hi Steve,
Loved your story about the hot candle wax and Merry :) I think that was pretty smart of you to use a little reverse psychology on her to help her get over being so upset. You sound like you were a wonderful husband and friend to her....good for you :) Makes lots of wonderful memories for you to treasure.

Yes, my grandmother was a very strong and able woman. I know she must have suffered for the loss of her family at such a young age....then her own children and husband. She never seemed sad or bitter....always loving and kind.

I am American :)

jj, hope you are well by now. I have been getting over the flu, too. It's one nasty bug! :(

luv4lightfoot 02-24-2009 11:48 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Yes, that island is is a beautiful place. It has quite a history and I feel revitalized being on the soil. Rosy (the doog) loved being there too. She kept digging at the shore and watching the holes fill up with water. She was so excited about that.

So, you are still keeping me in suspense or did those angry men in the black suits get after you? I hope you are able to get to Longmont soon if you haven't already. Last weekend I was watching some show about UFO's and they were showing these certain planes and helicopters that go in and grab what ever fell tothe earth right away. Once I think I may have seen two of those planes. They were near a road that isn't traveled on much and the engines were left running. They were white with the red stripe, and I don't think they had numbers or letters on them. They were very clean, or new looking. I felt a little curious about them. When I drove by again a little later, they were gone, but I saw a shoe that didn't look weathered at all. Maybe someone didn't have time to put it back on.

luv4lightfoot 02-24-2009 12:22 PM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Nightingale, Here is something I found about 'my' island.


geodeticman.5 02-25-2009 08:24 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Originally Posted by luv4lightfoot (Post 149035)
So, you are still keeping me in suspense or did those angry men in the black suits get after you? I hope you are able to get to Longmont soon if you haven't already. Last weekend I was watching some show about UFO's and they were showing these certain planes and helicopters that go in and grab what ever fell tothe earth right away. Once I think I may have seen two of those planes. They were near a road that isn't traveled on much and the engines were left running. They were white with the red stripe, and I don't think they had numbers or letters on them. They were very clean, or new looking. I felt a little curious about them. When I drove by again a little later, they were gone, but I saw a shoe that didn't look weathered at all. Maybe someone didn't have time to put it back on.



PART ONE OF 2 - STEVE'S RESPONSE ON WHAT 'MIGHT' BE IN Dad's locked desk drawer(JUST FUN SPECULATION, versus what LIKELY is in it.... paperwork for .....details for ageing and sad things... but now that the desk has been FOUND !!! at the moving company - I had BETTER READ it as I am mom (surviving) and dad's (passed away) executor.

I AM a man in black. a G-man. well, on medical standby for a couple years....

What you saw....was NOTHING to worry about AT ALL. Just look into this right here....(lets see, 3 hours back ought to do it......wait, no - she said she once saw them... better set this for 20 years...hmmm) M'am are you married ?
(hmm I beter set it on 20 years and hope for the nest. Her husband will be confused, but probably just keep watching the game...hmmm please look right into this device ma'am) lol... Wait a minute though lol.. for real.. you saw 2 planes on the ground with engines left running ? Hmm, that IS VERY STRANGE. And the shoes - did they have a steel shank and emit a strong residual electro-magnetic molecule alignment of the hematitie in them ? Thats an iron ore to you civilians.... ppl have it in their brains, too - really - some scientists, or analysts say(ever notice how the media says generically "analysts say' on the news, about any recent science or money-related thing - and when the Gov. made me an analyst - I only said one thing to the media....lol) or something... said that early nomadic peoples (the plural is correct there , different PEOPLES) may have navigated south to warmer climes by the hematite orienting to noth in thiermind and they did not even know how.... they speculate that about south/north seasonal migration of migratory bird/mammal species too..

As far as that shoe you saw that was not weathered....othing to worry about ma'am... just means that the person worked indoors....one shoe ? - hmmm

Sorry I did not get to Longmont yet....I am going CRAZY with curiosity on whats in the desk....and the trunk - I'll write about that this week...I am up late and very tired now...sorry to keep you in suspense.... on 'up to Longmont' to see the trunk - its 'cause of thing s i've vowed to not bore ppl with anymore....(but you asked so I will anyway lol) its medical - after eye operations from injuries to my eyes in the head injury, I've had to get very strange eye operations I've never heard of before... 'strabismus surgery' - sounds like a violin, doesn't it ? as in "Why yes, please get me some grey Poupon mustard, and DO bid for me on that SPLENDID Stramismus Violin" lol... naw - all they do IS TAKE YOUR EYEBALLS OUT AND PUT WIRES INSIDE your EYES -POKING OUT AROUND YOUR FACE AND ADJUST YOUR EYES LIKE HEADLIGHTS BEING POINTED STRAIGHT AT THE GARAGE DOOR....LOL.sorry... actually its true - and only an analogy on the garage door...they adjust your eyes when you're halfway out of anaesthetic , and just sorta mumble - ok now I see just one...no wait..two..wait there. no there....etc - and they manually adjust your eyeballs literally to eliminate your double-vision from a head-injury - when the vision is worse than 8 diopters - under which they can do it in your glasses with prisms - which eye do have... but the surgery is usually done several times, hence they call it an 'iterative' surgery...I'm on my third round coming up - its nasty....after your eyes point right, (tricking your brain - which is bolloxed-up from the head-injury anyway) then they tie-off the clipped ligaments - or whatever the little string things are from your muscles to your eyes on 4 points around.....sounds gruesome... it is..... ANYWAY - one thin I lost is all peripheral vision - glasses or not, and I can;t see the keyboard when I type, or step on the cat..YEEEAAAAAIIICXCKE lol....

Point being,,,,, after all that unneccessary detail, my driving is so bad it would be humorous were it not unsafe..... but some days are better than others and I only drive on them.....and evven then....the car in front of me turns into 2,3,or 4 cars - so I jusr pick the car in the middle lol...naaww,,, it does happen - but I close one eye, and then there is only one car....somewhere....lol. So I have to cqarefully pick my days to d rive...and so far I have not had a safe weekend to go up and see if the drawer has alien stuff, or probably just documents, bevause I am mom and Dad's (Dad is gone, now) executor on their will. My big brother is mad about that.... but he wasallways a mean -spirited boy and stole things,,,, with perfe4ctly , well, outstanding parents = sometimes there is no explaining it.... and isnt it weird that at 50 -and my brother is 54 - that I still call him my BIG brother ? lol well, he is bigger in the belly - REALLY BIGGER. ITS the strangest thing,.he is skinny as a beanpole - no muscle - he never played outside as akid , and never was in sports...and so has no muscoe development, but he skinny with this fat, fat big belly - he looks like an alien. Speaking iof whicvh - you dang me eyes/typing sorry - you said something about when they come to pick up the think from outer space.... the men in black... OK...now...this is real what I'm gonna tell you...and ots not secret, or I wouldn;t know... to start - did u see the movie Andromeda Strain - about the very small saucer/disc/spavecraft that landed in a small toewn and spread an alien bacterium that wiped out a whole town, and the scientists (and analysts!) worked in a facility called Wildfire, concealed 5 stories deep under a cornfield ? (a movie based on a Michael Crichton novel- very good book and movie... all fake so far....sorta....and after they retrieve the 'thing' from outer space - and took it to the Wildfire facility - which was for that event - and each successive level was progressively greater decontamination for the scientsists z9and analysts !) andd they figured it out just seconds before the whole facility had a protective nuclear device to wipe-out any diseased dspacething if the scientsis and doctors could not figure itour ? Well. here is the juicy part...... I asked Dad once.... and he was truly - Director of the Uhmanned Launch Vehicles Program (Rockets and placing satellites in orbit and sending interplanetary craft on their way - like Mariner Viking Surveyor, OAO , Helios..Pioneer, etc..... well he rebuilt an old scrapped cold war era rocket z9my DAD) named ATLAS - a former military ICBM-dsorta type rocket... well he was given that and told make it a working riocket... and told to build a seperate rocket to finxh delivery of above payloads... That rocket he called the Centaur.. (all rockets generally are named after mythical greek gods etc except miulitary)and he designed them to work together and the combo - the Atlas-Centaur Rocket - you can look it up in NASA web-site if you want - but the combo of the two has been called America's "spacecraft workhorse" - even so, 1 out of every 3 would blow up om the pad in the beginning of the program - '58 and a few years of oo-pses 3-400 million at a tme....oops Well he worked put of Cleveland's (go figure) NASA SITE Called the LERC - Lewis Research Center.... where we lived and he did all kinds of top[ secret things the higher up he got, until he got to the 4th from the top of NASA - dad had a brain like no ther - I WISH I was half as smart lol..
OK ANYway - oh - if you wanna look him up check NASA'S gome web site - and look up (I'll PM you if you want our last name) - anyway 'Russ's Scissors"
- the modern stage-sepoerator he invented, and patemted....but he is listed about 450 times in NASA's on-line history.


geodeticman.5 02-25-2009 08:24 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

and Oddly more so at their main WEBSITEa for the whole country - and not as much at all at the LERC - turned into Glenn Research center when Glenn Died. If you look upo Atlas Centaur rocket - you'll get him anyway -shown out of date as the 'Deputy Director of Unmanned Launch Vehicles" - he even worked on and laucnhed the Voyageur instellar craft on its loooooong way out of the solar system and trajectory is to the nearest Star - one of the 4 wuth the same name - but abour 4 light yearw away - (one light year is hoe far light will travel in one year - at 186,000 miles per SECOND x 3600 = MPH = about 6 trillion miles. Times 4 again to our nearby friendly star (relatively speaking) Alpha Centuri as I recall - it'll take untol yearw to get there...and it was intially sent into pin-point trajectory from Dad's Atlas-Centaur rocket(s) first to the sun... and then around the back, barely missing getting caught in its gravimetric pull, and by using that pull, and a thing called conservation of energy and momentum- its orbit around the back of the sun getting closer and closer...then whooosh! out the other side in what is now known to Science Fiction fans as the very real whiplash (I canlt remember simple words tonight....its very similar to whiplash dang-it...andway - Dad invented the process) whereby as it comes out the back side -it is accelreated in the vcase of Voyageur I & II, they started out at just under 25,000 MPH to get out of the earth's gravitational constant z0you knoe I think I am remberiong that term wrong, too..... some times.....sorry...) well, anyway - you can't leave the earth's gravitational pull until youare going around 24,000 MPH - think about that a second...... Dad as flight director too, like the guy in Apollo 13 Houston Mission Control - wearing the home made white vest from his wife - the guy played by Ed Harris - thatsw the roll Dad played when unmanned mission were launched on his rocketZ9s) (I can brag on him now that he has passed, in his memeory..! lol) welll, after going cvfrom 0 mph on the launchpad, help up by the gantry, the launch I got to go to when I was a hod. was .....incredible... the HUGE ampunt of earth-shaking fire and thrust...several million pounds of thrust...it eould go from 0 - 25,000 MPH in less then 8 minutes.... take that to the dragstri[p lol....BUT the best is yet to come - and then Andromeda Strain thing, in case I'm losing your interest.... so its deployed into spacein the final stage on top of the Atlas(which WernerVon Braun told dad would never work - the Atlas that is...) and then final stage - Dad's all new from scratch - in the 60's and 70's - The Centaur rocket - would deploy in this case - the Voyageur on its way first to the sun at about 23,000 MPH , into a barely too tight an orbit around the sun, to delibeterately pull it in asit goes, thereby increasing speeed by virtue of gravity -eg the whiplash effect - I am remebering the wrong word on....duhhhh... and get this..... it was in the Guiness Book for a few years as the fastest machine ever built by man,,, - the Voyageur1 coming out of the back side of the sun - and at the ladst calculated second -whooosh pulls away from the sun..... and is here is the word lollolol i remembered - not whiplash - thatsme... its Slingshot..effect - Dad invented it ! really ! abd as it comes Slingshot gravitationally accelreated by the sun - it came out at 140,000 mph +/- 1 -2 thousand MPH wowwwww.....and then.....as Newton pointed out quite astutley - an object in motion willremain in motion until something slows it down....and in zero-G - nothing to sow it diown ! so its been literally drifting - out of fuel by design at the incredible speed of 140,000mph for decades now....and just recently left the solar system..... and is on its way at that speed... to our nearest stellar neighbor....I am remebering sorta tonight it is Alpha Centuri....(1,2,3 or 4) - when they launnched it at Cape Kennedy/Canaveral (they keep changing names) they did know yet there were 4 of those stars all together in our line of site, before the Hubble telescope... well, on its way - that speed having been in the guiness book, not now... it carries our message if HEllo - mathematically-geared language - unversal language we hope - to convert to english, with a sort of time-capsule inside - bits and pieces of all different types of mankind's knowledge on the first CD ever made inside it...it was gold colored - I got to look at it.... or one like it... not in the clean-room.. andoutside the spacecraft,. is abrass plaque with a man and woman illustrated ala National Geogrpahic style lol...with hands up in hello fashion...and a solar-system map of us, and ur relationship to Alpha Centuri... and in about 3,060 years by my quick calc at 140,000 mph for 4 light years away ( thats a total distance it will travel if nothing hits it, deflects it, or slows it down = a distance of VERY roughly 24 TRILLION MILES - EQUIVALENT TO 4 LIGHT YEARS CONVERTED TO MILES, BASED ON A LIGHT-YEAR BEING HOW FAR A BEAM OF LIGHT, UNINHIBITED, WILL TRAVEL IN A YEAR - AT 186,000 MILES PER SECOND, AND THE TRILLION MILES FIGURE ALONE IS = { A TRILLION IS A THOUSAND TIMES A THOUSAND TIMES A MILLION)...if it misses the star cluster there -it'll sail on right by the star- at 140,000 MPH..OR....we hope... it'll be intercepted by intelligent aliens who are playing the lol big CD in their WalkAliens headset.....and assimilate all our knowledge in one nanaosecond....lol... well its the first crack at an interstellar shot...and I;d say dad's made his mark in his lifetime... but overall POINT being.... THE CRAFT shownin the movie Andromeda strain - faintly resembles the spacecraft that comes to earth....without burning up (which it would unless made from "alien-3 teflon titanium" and brings alien bacteria... so.. the BIG Q ????? does NASA have a lab like 'Wildfire' - the Presidential code name (i.e. Mr President - we have a NASA Wildfire)for alien ship has crashed or leisurely landed - lets see if it has strep throat lab... does it really exist like in the movie ??? I got to ask him....nobody else in the family thought too.... and unfortunately, the answer .... is YES !!1! sort of...he said....quite like it, just not so dramatic or hidden under a cornfield... thats for missile-silohs......so we DO have an alien-lifeform super-duper-bacterium/virus. And, no... you're insurance won't cover the medicine against it lol.... the lab is designed to detect what IS ON the craft - if it did not rather likely burn-up in re-entry, and/or the heat of re-entry does not decontaminate it for us. The part he did his characteristic 1 minute pause on, then 5 more minutes... was when I asked him IF astromauts who go on EVA's - extra-vehicular-activities - aka go outside the space shuttle etc... - do THEY go through a decontamination....and he fnally said well, ......thats the manned program... I do the unmanned thing. The manned program has quote:'terrible QA/QC - thats why I chose the unmanned when given the choice'.....- scarey thought.

He would not explain any fears or possible hazards of the manned program, other than he said early on - before the shuttlecraft - that particualrly was the project "to keep NASA alive" a year before he retired young at 52...and he said "the shuttlecraft was sold to congress on a cost-effectiveness justification snowjob that said it would actually turn a profit aka in Gov't as 'cost-recovery' - as profit - in Gov't is constitutionally illegal- obviously not in the taxpayers' interest. The 'cost recovery' - ostensibly was putting privately-built companies' tele-communication satellites in orbit etc.... but he figured out that the numbers they gave congress - not from his unmanned desk.... were based on launching once a week. lol. The three Shuttles built planned on being perenially functional are not.... we've had a few sad kabooms....and they never could even come remotely-close to launching at that interval, and moreover -HE SAID THEIR QA/QC was so bad for a manned spacecraft it was frightening - and he forecasted disaster for it of unknown type to him, but he DID say the o-rings on the solid-fuel boosters were lousy as I recall, and'he would not fly one of those things' - the way the program and spacecraft were designed on a shoe-string budget..... scarey.... andhard for him to talk about when he did.


geodeticman.5 02-25-2009 09:53 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

He (MY Dad) spoke very highly though, of the manned missions Engineering quality through both SKYLAB (REMEMBER THAT ? - A LAB AS BIG AS A 3 BDRM HOUSE) and Apollo which were both launched out of the Earth's atmosphere and up into orbit for Skylab, and the flip-flop deployment of the 3-day mission rocket components into position and pinpoint precision 'attitude' and jettisoned on its way for the roughly 1/4 million mile 3-day trip 'coast' at over 10,000 MPH to the moon - of Apollo missions - guidance he did on both - because they shared the montrous Saturn V Rocket - the only thing Dad did on Skylab and Apollo and specifically on the Saturn 5 Rocket they shared iin common - 365 ft. tall and 7 million pounds thrust - and the Apollo project as well "on the side"- were guidance components, programming, and systems" referred to in the Movie 'Space Cowboys as 'Byzantine guidance programming' on Skylab by the hotshot spoiled kid from MIT - That Clint Eastwood, playing the retired NASA Engineeer who designed the guidance on Skylab in the movie - that in historical fact was my father, but the movie character was NOT based on Dad's life at all lol ).

Dad said he could NEVER put his name on Manned Project vehicles the way they were budgeted and being designed after Apollo and Skylab, and who subsequently were calling the shots. But Dad did truly respect - and was proud to put his guidance systems work into both Skylab (after Apollo missions) and the Apollo project missions-Apollo specifically being Kennedy's - and indeed the Nation's vision - to put a man on the moon by the end of the 60's decade - they did it - but it was one of the most spectacular achievements by mankind in history - and certainly to date then of NASA's.

I'd have to say Dad's proudest - and saddest career moments I could tell later - were the Viking/Mars Missions. Just before he retired,he finished and proudly launched Viking One, in 1975, the very first Mars soft-Lander and on-board geologic core sampler craft - ever to touch down - well, lol,, bounce - by design softly down on Martian soil in the 70's - the touchdown - he proudly saw from his mountain-top retirement home here in Colorado on TV. But when Nasa did it again later in this current decade - it was hailed on Television erroneously as mankind's first Mars soft-landing - and I saw a tear in Dad's eye, but he said nothing. So I had a mission hat made for him, commemorating HIS & his team's first success in the 70's.

BUT WHATS IN THE DRAWER ? I don;t know yet, and I suspect you can hardly read this post at all.... good thing I did not drive up !

If you made it this far reading BRAVO ! you brave hardy soul ! MORE TO COME Later - TRUNKS and drawers..... sounds like BVD's now lol....

Nightingale 02-27-2009 12:20 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Hi Patti,
The link for Madeline Island is nice! Very interesting and beautiful island. I think it's interesting all the gifts that people leave on Chief Buffalo's grave site....some are kind of odd though. :) A bouncy ball????
Anyway, thanks for the link. I can see why you like to go there. Nothing more relaxing that the sound of the waves against the shore at night. :)
I love going back to the places that help me to remember my childhood and the people that I love...great feeling. :)

RM 02-27-2009 12:47 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Just dropping in to pick up a large coffee, black, and a bagel with cream cheese, to go. Hey, how about 'dem Yankees ? This is their year.

Nightingale 03-06-2009 12:37 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Jeez, where did everybody go? :)

geodeticman.5 03-06-2009 04:51 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
I B here. i'm too tired to say much will read more tomorrow. I need a double double.lol

Nightingale = 'they' are all hiding in the woodwork of this old, old frontiere- building. Formerly a saloon, sometimes you can hear the piano player feintly......

geodeticman.5 03-06-2009 04:54 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
RM - that'll be $29.95... y'all come back now...how do you like the new pricing scheme ?
-lust tryimg to cover expenses... and the Porche

geodeticman.5 03-06-2009 05:00 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
I want the 24 OZ Cowboy steak - medium -well, and a bottle of ketchup. And a dinner salald - vinegar and oil, home fries, and key lime pie for dessert.

I'm all for sports, like to play 'em, but the commercialization and pressure put on players now seems more like business.

I'd say currently football is a crypto-fascist metaphor for nuclear war.
Barkeep - (hic) give me a (urp) third triple - a second double - not sure which......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

geodeticman.5 03-06-2009 05:04 AM

Re: Corfid.cafe - enjoyable talk via friendly posts
Patti = there are MAPS !!!!! ON THE Indian Island according to the description! I'm in ! lol

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