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Old 06-15-2019, 08:45 PM   #1
Affair on Touhy Ave.
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Default Unsolved Myteries/Alex Cooper.

this is a full episode but there's one story that's interesting.

It's the 2nd story.

He explains that years earlier he was accused of robbing the office of the CP Railroad. Though know year was mentioned I read elsewhere it happened in 1948 and ran off and changed his name from Alban Arceneau to Alex Cooper.

But years later after marrying and having a family he left because of his 65th birthday because he couldn't produce a birth certificate and couldn't bare to tell his family his issues.

While I can understand his concern and was probably afraid they might have ended up rejecting him because of this the fact he was willing to leave and was fine with probably never seeing them again is what I find bothersome.

I would of rathered tell them then leave probably never to see them again which could of turned out that way.

Obviously something was not right with the picture from the beginning because his wife and children probably never knew his family and he probably never reconnected to them.

It's probably too easy to sit back and comment on the situation and I can't blame him for running when he was accused of robbing the CP office if he hadn't done it and running the risk of going to jail for it if he hadn't done it. but the rest of his story is just sad.

So how to you feel about the situation?

I actually wrote to the CP for any info but they couldn't do anything.

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