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Old 05-31-2000, 12:45 AM   #1
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Join Date: May 2000
Location: Sherwood Forest, MD
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And lyrics that he ain't sung yet.

Since we are now in the midst of the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs (my son is a diehard NJ Devils fan), it struck me as odd that I couldn't think of a song by Gord about many of the "typical" (sterotypical?) winter sport pasttimes we in the lower 48 associate with Canada, like hockey, skiing, ice skating. Is the ice still in the river and the home team still on fire? That's about it, to the extent I can remember.

Thinking about it further, I wasn't too sure that sports songs, or songs that use sports as an analogy, would be the type of songs that would be well suited to Gord or that I would want to hear from him. Although, doubtless, I wouldn't have thought of Rainbow Trout either, yet I enjoy that song.

In that regard, I would like to hear him do a song that uses the Northern Lights as an image (like a shadowy ghost at dawn?). It occurred to me that perhaps there were topics, or geographical locations, or persons, etc., that this collective group of Gord gurus might address as their personal wish lists of subject matters for future lyrics. The thought is not hypothetically to present him with a list of "Why don't you write one on ...?" but rather, what subjects would make you tremble with anticipation just to think about the prospect of opening that next CD to hear for the first time Gord's song about it?

Any thoughts?

"And the laughter came too easy for life to pass me by." - SDYS
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Old 05-31-2000, 01:01 AM   #2
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Location: Vienna, Austria
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Hi 2Much2Lose,

Unfortunately, I do not know the author, but I think you might enjoy this:

The Wreck of Canadian Hockey
(with apologies to Gordon Lightfoot)

The gridironís fine, basketballís a good time,
And baseballís okay in the summer,
But hockeyís the game, all the rest are quite lame
And without it then lifeís quite the bummer.

In view of this fact, we can only react
By admiring our northerly neighbors.
Canada, strong and free, what a haven is she
For hockey and all its great players.

Fine tales have been told of your skaters so bold,
Trained on bonds, backyard rinks, frozen rivers.
Heroes true from the north, who would all prove their worth,
And the names give us Yankees the shivers!

Thereís Gretzky and Howe, Bobby Orr, Patrick Roy,
Lemieux and Lafleur and Joe Sakic,
Beliveau, Yzerman, Kariya and Dryden,
Why to list them all just makes us frantic!

With this history so grand, we just canít understand
A twist of fate quite this unlucky.
But Chretien now has said that the bailout is dead,
Itís the wreck of Canadian hockey!

At the start of the week things were looking quite bleak
When the news was announced of the bailout.
"The Sens now are saved!" all the hockey fans raved,
But we never suspected the fallout

We thought hockey was loved by all people above
The U.S./Canadian border,
But the taxpayers there thought the plan wasnít fair
And they made their complaints in short order.

"If you think this deal sucks, then send Chretien your pucks!"
said the angry Taxpayers Association.
When too many pucks flew, then the government knew
The negative vibes of the nation.

Many shots and no saves sent the plan to its grave.
Oíer the bailoutís dead body weíre grieving.
What a day of dismay! Now the hockey fans say
The Canadian teams may be leaving.

O North white and true, how we sorrow for you,
Though our dollar is strong, we feel yucky
For the part it has played in this mess thatís been made,
The wreck of Canadian hockey!
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Old 05-31-2000, 10:35 PM   #3
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Location: Hamburg,NY,USA
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I am always so amazed with the amount of information you offer. First the license plate thing from Pennsylvania now this. How about the definitions of stemming? Where in the world did you come up this parody? You must be one heck of a researcher! I noticed you don't list an occupation in your profile, is that so we don't know that your some type of a genius?

Really do you get this stuff off the internet or do you have one amazing library resource? You know more about the state next door to me than I do and you live across the big water.

I really enjoy reading your posts and I have been enjoying your site quite a lot for the past month or so. By the way a few months ago I sent you some misheard lyrics and I noticed that you never posted them. Is there a reason?

Thanks for all the great info!


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Old 06-01-2000, 11:56 PM   #4
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Join Date: May 2000
Location: Sherwood Forest, MD
Posts: 388


Thanks for the parody. It's convinced me that a hockey song from Gord might be a bad idea.

What about other topics that he ain't sung yet? Any suggestions? Serious or otherwise.

"And the laughter came too easy for life to pass me by." - SDYS
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