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Default Webster, WI Set List (June 7)

Hello everyone:

My wife and I just returned from our two concert trip to see Gordon LIghtfoot near us.

The weather on Friday June 7 was absolutely beautiful at the St. Croix Casino in Hertel, Wisconsin. After hardly enjoying a spring here in Minnesota, we jumped right into summer.

Gordon performed at an amphitheater adjacent to a modest-sized casino, out in the middle of nowhere in northern Wisconsin. We had general seating in the VIP section in an orchestra pit area. We arrived too early because we had to sit in the blazing sun awaiting the concert. The sound guys were still working on the stage while we were waiting. Michael came out and was working on his keyboards. The instruments were covered by reflective silver wraps. I imagine the temperature was near 90F.

The guys came out a few minutes after 8:00 p.m. for a single set: Gord was in a white dress shirt with a blue vest. Here is the set list:

1) Cotton Jenny
2) Sweet Guinevere
3) Never Too Close
4) 14 Karat Gold
5) Beautiful
Intros, bad coughing attack,
6) I'd Rather Press On
7) Let It Ride
8) Carefree Highway
9) Did She Mention My Name
10) Ribbon of Darkness
11) Sundown
12) Wreck of the E.F.
13) Christian Island
14) Shadows
15) Minstrel of the Dawn
16) A Painter Passing Through
17) If You Could Read My Mind
18) Restless
19) Baby Step Back
20) Early Morning Rain
21) Rainy Day People
22) Waiting for You

Gord started out slow and said he was battling some bronchitis. He was having some trouble catching his breath while doing the band intros. I said a quick prayer for him and he gradually started to improve, although he did struggle on and off, the rest of the show.

Performing the "Wreck of the E.F." on a Chippewa Indian Reservation in northern Wisconsin, the crowd understandably went nuts. The highlight of the show was during "If You Could Read My Mind." The sun was pretty well set, and I could hear the bullfrogs croaking the forest next to the amphitheater. He then thanked the loud chorus of frogs for some background effect as he introduced "Restless." He said the song was ethereal and the frogs made it even more so.

Unfortunately, the gnats and mosquitoes then descended on the band and the crowd. I think everyone wanted to get out of there.

As we walked towards our car, we saw Gordon sitting in the front passenger seat of a red ordinary sedan leaving the facility. He certainly did not hang around for long, that was sure. OK- back to Siren, Wisconsin for an overnight stay, then off to Mankato.

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