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Old 12-22-2000, 10:29 AM   #1
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I was a big Lightfoot fan throughout the 70's - saw many, many concerts at Philharmonic (Avery Fischer) Hall in NY, one at Carnegie Hall, and one in Princeton, NJ. I had the great fortune to meet Gord in the Green Room at Avery Fischer in November 1973 with my friend, who had drawn a portrait of him (we gave it to him). He asked if it was a school project! (emphasis on the "o" in project, in that great Canadian accent) I have a picture of him taken there in the Green Room that I just dug out yesterday for the first time in years. I watched the PBS special (I now live in VA) a couple of weeks ago and have become re-obsessed! Although his voice clearly does not have the strength it once did, he still sounds great to me. I'm thinking of going to a concert next year. I had stopped listening after Endless Wire - I don't really know why. I bought Songbook last week, and am trying to sift thru the years of stuff that I missed online. So far my favorite "recent" song (from my perspective, that is) has to be Shadows. I know from reading this board about the 4 records not yet out on CD, but what about Waiting For You? I can't seem to find that one either on CDNow, Amazon or Tower Records online. Anyone have any other ideas?
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E-mail me privately at I might be able to help you out.

Stay loose, eh?


"Love and maple syrup
go together like the
sticky winds of winter
when they meet....
If you go into the forest
Gaze up through the trees
The sky is white.
You can understand
What makes the forest
Greet the man
Like a mother's only
child ..."
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