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Old 04-22-2009, 01:14 PM   #1
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Default Earth Day

a nice old diddy by Jeff Lynne...we used to traditionally sing this one around the fire up northO

YouTube - Save Me Now - Jeff Lynne

One day the earth woke up, said "Boy I feel half dead
Somebody's turning up the poison and it's getting in my head

Sometimes I wish my guests would move away somewhere
Yes I'm burning up all over I can't even breathe the air"

Save me now, Save me now, Save me now come on and
Save me now, Save me now, Save me now"

One day the earth woke up, said "Boy it's getting hot
And remember all those trees I had well now there ain't a lot

And my eyes kept slowly trickling down to where the party's at
And if everybody's going there well that's the end of that"

....I love Lynne's raw, non produced voice (you rarely hear it in ELO) which you can also hear in this tune, another from his Armchair Theatre solo album

YouTube - Jeff Lynne - Blown Away

and a wonderful out take: YouTube - Jeff Lynne - Borderline

if he would just get rid of the doo wop backup vox, life would be grand

there were some ELO digressions in other threads...i also love Wild West Hero and was disappointed they played it in Europe on their 78 tour but not in Toronto... YouTube - ELO- Wild West Hero

Kelly (RIP) sure was bang on with those live backing vocals...Do Ya was a big fave back then and inspired me to learn 3 chords on guitar...and like Gord, i now know 5

YouTube - Electric Light Orchestra - Do Ya

anyhow, back to Suzuki Day....turn off a light, light a candle, and buy a battery for your smoke alarm

jj (tree hugger, weed kisser)

ps) great pics, char! thx for sharing...i tweaked the one here, as a tribute to the late Groucutt...i guess i missed the 70s afro phase...i'd go for one now but it would be too garfunklish...but i didnt let the mullet era pass me by, mainly cos it was a prerequisite for band auditions
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