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Old 12-01-2000, 12:44 AM   #1
young stranger
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I finally had time to look over some recent topics and I was really troubled by LAMS' first reply to the topic by supaiblue about Gord doing a song about some American experience. And LAMS, please don't think too badly of me, I was just bothered by the comment that the U.S. "doesn't seem to me like a place to cultivate the beauty that Gord has brought us." And I am aware that you also mentioned that you don't mean to put down the U.S. with that comment so I am not taking it that way, but I do disagree. I have great respect for Canada and actually I wouldn't change the fact that Gord is from there. I like his music the way it is and I don't for a second wish that he was American. However, I believe that had he been born an American, his music would still have the same magic. I certainly concede that it would be slightly different, but America has plenty of rich history to be proud of and plenty of breathtakingly beautiful countryside.
I also realize that many American singers during Gord's early career were concerned with protesting the war. One of the things I love about that era of Gord's music is that unlike a lot of music from the 60's, he wrote virtually no songs about our controversial military conflict. But leaving that aside, I firmly believe an American Gordon Lightfoot would have found very similar writing inspirations growing up here.
Having been born in 1976, most of my memories are from the 80's so I grew up without such a bitterness toward our government. I don't think a lot of Gord's topics are that different from things that occurred here in the U.S. When I listen to CRT, it often reminds me of the stories I heard in school about the building of our transcontinental railroad. Hi'way Songs always makes me think of returning home after I have been out of state at school for a long time (maple trees and blue skies can be found here as well as in Canada). I am getting the impression that many people, including Americans, think our country is characterized by big, smog-filled cities, eating fast-food, and not having a clue about what is important in life. There is a lot of that kind of thing here (it drives me nuts because I have to deal with hollow people like that everyday), but you will still find the same deep-seeded values here that you will find elsewhere. America and its history have a lot to offer a songwriter. The more important thing is that you need someone with enough talent (like Gord) to turn that history and scenery into song.
Wow, I really got going there, but I have posted it because I feel so strongly about it. I wrote this in a good mood so I hope it didn't sound like I was annoyed or judging LAMS.
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