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It would be wonderful if someone undertook a true analysis of Gordon's work instead of a critique of his drinking & alimony payments. People have done in-depth studies of Dylan, Seeger, Miles Davis, Springsteen, etc. Lightfoot is certainly worthy of an equally intense study.
What I mean by true analysis is an album by album, track by track discussion of everything Gordon has recorded. This sounds like a true fan's dream &, actually it is. When you see all the memoriliabia dedicated to these flavours of the week such as Britney, 'nsync, whatever, don't you think Gordon is worthy of a full-scale critique of everything he has done from "Early Morning Rain", to "Uncle Toad Said"?
Hopefully one day someone more ambitious than me will carry out this project.

In the meantime,
All the best Lightheads,
James Hill
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