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Default A I Original enough, Or Am I trying to Sound like Gord, when I sing & write?

I don't know; maybe it's not appropriate to post this thread here but I may have a problem with the way my music comes off. I'm rarely accused of sounding like Lightfoot.Most of the time, if someone says I sound like anyone it's Cat Stevens, or Ian Anderson (probably because I had just done a song by one of them.
The thing is, my wife says that she knows my TRUE voice, she can hear it when I'm talking, and that when I sing, I seem to be imitating Gord.
She finds his voice iritating at times, she enjoys "Beautiful" by the writer]
and she finds my tenor even more obnoxious than his.
By the way, my wife rarely ever goes off key herself and is a very good Jazz singer. I played Bass and Guitar in her Jazz Standards and Showtunes band.
Here's one I can think of Ironically, it's her favorite of all my tunes.
The other one is also from my new album. It's called,"The Air I Breath".
I'll get to that another time, and p[oint out where the stealing from his
Guitar riffs and such are sooooo noticeable.
Until then, if some one, J.J., Brian, Mary, Charlene, anyone
can let me know if this is true and if I should become aware of it please let me
Oh and go 49ers!
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