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Default Re: LIGHTFOOT by Nicholas Jennings - Sept.2017

wasn't raining - just a spitter spatter for a few moments.. ! thankfully!

I was invited by the author, Nicholas Jennings, to the book launch of the fabulous new authorized biography, LIGHTFOOT. I attended with my daughter Lisa and it was a fabulous evening in TOronto at The Pilot on Cumberland. It was great to spend a few moments with GOrdon and many others.. It was super exciting for me to meet Sylvia Tyson!! We got lots of signatures in our books!

The place was buzzing with Gordon's family (Fred and his wife and daughter, nephew Steven Eyers, daughter Ingrid, daughter Meredith, and wife Kim), band members (RIck and his wife, Carter and his wife and Barry and his wife), musical peers, media folks (Lloyd Robertson, Liz Braun, Bruce Cole) and fans. Jane Harbury, Sylvia Tyson, Liona Boyd, Denis Donlon, Loraine Segato, Mark Jordan, Bernie Fiedler, Al Mair attended as well. Performances/band - The Good Brothers, Jory Nash, David Woodhead, David Matheson, Lori Cullen, Jason Fowler.

Thank you to Nicholas for giving me a "shout out" in the book and inviting me to the launch. And most of all thank you for being the wonderful person Gordon trusted enough to allow this book to be published now. I took some video and have a few pics..It was crowded, dark and noisy so they aren't optimal as if at a concert! I have assembled the videos into a playlist at:

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