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i tried to register for the yahoo group but kept going in cirles today...i have a yahoo email addy also so thought it would be a cinch...oh well, is there something at that group that i wouldnt find here or at the newsgroup? if so i will defintely try and try again

you have similar taste! i'd have to say that On The High Seas is an answer i give as my fave quite often...and Miguel is a gem, imo

just because i'm messing around a bit (with the song, NOT on my wife! LOL) i would say Talking In Your Sleep IS at present

for album it is ODR

for video hunt, 73 SS hunt is a lost cause IMO, just audio out there....i don't know of the BBC 71 but the 67 CBC GL Forward is out there...CBC plays the 68 live concert (Wherefore and Why) at it's museum theatre occasionally so it exist on glorious film and in mint condition but we'd need to put our heads (and VCRs! ) together and plan a heist i've seen almost all of the stuff but can't get my hands on it, but there are more agressive folks out there on the internet who will and it may trickle down one day... a few years ago i was just happy to see the 79 SS!

i'm about as much help as the next guy i suppose, none eh?
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