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Originally Posted by Auburn Annie View Post
My husband saw the same show last night and said - "well I guess I'm going to have a real short retirement" LOL - he plans on retiring in April 2012.
Hi, A.A.! I remember when I was about 11, the "world was going to end" one day at 4:30 or so. I would be in Girl Scouts running around. Must not have thought TOO MUCH about it because if the world WAS going to come to an end, I'd think I'd rather have been home with my family. Anyway, I remember looking down at my watch and seeing it was 4:45 and bring a little disappointed because I had a lot of math homework that night and wasn't going to get out of it!

Similarly now, first thing I thought after hearing about the prediction of 2012 from Nostradamus, Cayce, the Maya, the Hopi, etc., I thought "Great! Now I can do LOTS of travel, melt my credit cards - eat, drink, and be merry!" So I guess my mindset hasn't changed very much, it's just gone from homework to debt! (P.S. I was "supposed" to retire in 2017...) Take care and have fun! Sheryl
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