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Default Re: Guess who's back together !

I have the CD "The Very Best Of The Guess Who" plus the 70s casette "Best Of The Guess Who". The CD covers them from 1969 to 1975. The casette I keep because it has the song "Shakin' All Over". Which is actually Chad Allen & The Expressions but somehow got credited to them.

I saw Burton & Randy on PBS two years ago. Still very good but Randy sounds very different from his B.T.O days. Burton's still got it.

In speaking of Bon Jovi I & my second oldest brother, had the good fortune to see Bon Jovi in concert at the climax of their popularity.

We saw them on the insanely scheduled "New Jersey" worldwide tour. A tour that ran from Sept./Oct. of 1988 , until February of 1990! (I was 20 & 3 months when it started and four months from age 22 when it ended

It was right here in Phoenix @ Vetrans Memorial Colesium (no longer used for big shows but mainly exhibits & the state fair). In fact it'll be 20 years next month. it was a loud but incredible show.

There was a short period from 1995 to 2000 when they kind of vanished but came roaring back in 2000.
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